College Benefits And Obstacles Essay

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College success has become a most desirable goal. However, many students struggle through college. In fact, according to the Website, approximately 15 percent of college students receive a degree. Because I’m willing to earn a degree like many other successful students, I find that college is the stepping stone to my dream goals. I know that college is difficult, but I realize that attaining my dream of a college education will require me to understand the benefits of what I’m learning, to prepare for obstacles, to seek advice, and to create effective and reasonable strategies will help me achieve my goals.
Attending college has helped me see the right benefits that will help me achieve my ultimate dream goals. First of all, I want to be able to learn how to relate to different cultures, ethnicities, and personalities, and also be able to understand different backgrounds, the way people from diverse culture think and act and their lifestyles; In addition, I want to learn how to adapt to new situations including dealing with responsibilities such as using Blackboard and making sure that all my assignments are completed and submitted on time. Furthermore, I will have to learn how to adapt to being an adult and taking care of my own needs.
In order to take advantage of the benefits, however, I will have to overcome obstacles. One obstacle that I anticipate is making good grades. I’ve always been concerned about grades because earning good grades in college matter to me. Another problem that many others have is that of procrastinating. I tend to put off doing the work. Sometimes is hard for me to listen to a professor because students are maybe busy chatting with each other, or others are asking the instructor many questions at the same time and others are listening to loud music. I also sometimes have problems listening when the teacher voice is very low or when he or she has unclear voice when talking. An additional problem that I face is lack of finances. Money is an issue to me because I don’t have a job and colleges are very expensive. Therefore, I can’t afford to buy books. If it weren’t for financial aid, I wouldn’t be able to attend TNCC the first place. Even with the financial aid and the tuition, I will still have to pay from my own money which will be approximately $58000. Although there are tuitions of $58000, but these tuitions will still have to
Because I’m facing many obstacles, I will seek for advice to help me achieve my goals. The saying of expert Dr.Yvonne Thorton was “Always enter a room with your head up”. This saying means that the wrong way to tell people that you are your own person is to keep your head down, that tells people that they can do anything...

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