Compare Or Contrast Weight Loss Surgeries

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As with any surgery, there comes benefits and risks. It is on an individual basis that these

options should be weighed to decide what is the best option for the individual.An underlying

issue is the fact that after the surgery most patients lose weight rapidly and continue to lose it

over many months to years after the procedure ("An Overview of Weight Loss Surgery"). The

risks can be connected with vomiting, dumping syndrome, nutritional deficiencies and gallstones

("An Overview of Weight Loss Surgery"). Serious consequences after weight loss surgery can

occur, however it is still widely use and accepted in society. It is used because dealing with

obesity can be very difficult both physically and mentally on an individual.
In the article “Positive Lifestyle Choices Augment Weight-Loss Surgery” Patricia tells her staggering story about her weight loss. She has lost more than 163 pounds. There are many people who struggle with obesity. Weight loss surgery is an option for such individuals. Most who use weight loss surgery as a final option have tried diets and exercise only to be unsuccessful. It is very important to point out the fact that after undergoing the surgery it is obligatory to change one’s way of life. Patricia had been over weight since she was a child. She had never been an athlete, but she liked sports. The fear of being socially isolated because of fat was strong. She had a successful nursing career and was glad to help people to get over difficulties ("Positive Lifestyle Choices Augment Weight-Loss Surgery"). As she was 39 she understood that being over weight impacts her life and everyday activities. Climbing the stair or riding a bike had become a challenge. After the understanding the problem Patricia tried to find solution. She consulted her physician about different diets thinking that surgery is not a right solution ("Positive Lifestyle Choices Augment Weight-Loss Surgery"). Although after some thought she made up her mind to undergo a weight loss surgery. The researches she made combined with knowledge of her physician led her to this decision. According to Patricia’s opinion, weight loss surgery is not about the changing in digestive system, it is more about changing the lifestyle in order to succeed. To win the struggle against obesity, one should pay attention to eating habits and daily activities. The surgery is a small step on one’s way to success ("Positive Lifestyle Choices Augment Weight-Loss Surgery"). Weight loss surgery is only the beginning, not the end.
Another article, “Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Help People Lose Weight” shows us a different method of the weight loss surgery. The main idea of a bariatric surgery is to shrink the stomach in order to allow people to eat less which results in not feeling hungry. This leads to weight loss. Due to this method Cassie Pisano lost over one hundred pounds ("Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Help People Lose Weight"). She thought that her obesity...

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