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Leadership and management, both necessary components of a successful business are fundamentally different in their approaches to dealing with the company’s future, networking employees with purpose, and the methodology with which each approaches seeing that the task at hand be accomplished. All three of these differences are resultant from focus on change by leaders and focus on order and consistency by management.
With regard to the future of the company, a competent manager will make detailed plans to ensure that the company maintains a specific standard of performance by adhering to policy, and budgeting accordingly so that these plans can come to fruition. On the other hand, leaders tend to play a more visionary role. They seek to make changes in the company so that it may gain a competitive advantage amongst other companies of similar purpose. The basis for this change comes from researching and collecting data relevant to success, and consequently drawing conclusions as to why companies who achieved success have done so. A good leader then forms a vision to strategically change the company’s direction toward something more successful as has been determined by the aforementioned research. This is not to say that a leader plans the specifics of how this goal will be met in the long term, but rather sets the bar with their visionary changes.
The next step for managers and leaders, after producing plans or developing visions for the future is to incorporate the company employees. Management, for their specific purposes of maintaining and keeping order about in the company, tend to incorporate employees by means of organizing. That is to say that they ensure that employees are placed in roles such that the synergy of these employees brings about the most efficient means of meeting the planned goals, as well as establishing the correct framework of staff to see that this occurs. On the other side of the spectrum, leaders go about changing the company’s...

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