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Imagine a parallel universe where an individual departs from the living world. Imagine discovering that heaven or hell is not what one faces postmortem. Imagine hearing one’s heart beat when traveling between life and death. Imagine being the only one existent in the world of the dead. Imagine someone’s memories keeping the dead being of many in the undead world, Imagine disappearing once that person who remembered oneself. Kevin Brockmeir portrayed these images in the short story, “The Brief History of the Dead.”
Brockemeir begins the narrative in a town where everyone has a different story of how they journeyed from life to death, but they all have one thing in common; the sound of a ...view middle of the document...

But for every person who lost their faith there was someone who held fast to it, and someone else who adopted it.” (Brockmeier). From this, the reader can conclude that they will not reside in the city foreverbut they continue practicing their religion as a way ascend to heaven or fall to hell after their lives in the parallel world end. This parallels with the concerns of readers because there has been an idea of afterlife since the beginning of time, as seen in many ruins across the world (Gazar). By not having God in the town draws on the reader’s fear of God not being on the other side. Making the reader question their religion.
Secondly, the author reflects concerns of oblivion. The author substantiates this by discussing the unknowns of life after the townspeople are forgotten. This causes the reader to be concerned with their remembrance and legacy. Brockmeier believes that once you are forgotten, you depart from the town, and toward the end of the story, that many were becoming deceased by the epidemic and the number of dead in the town were decreasing drastically (Brockmeier). This leads the reader to realize that the townspeople are beginning to fade into oblivion because there is no one to remember them which feeds their fear of being forgotten. The seriousness of fear escalates when the dead begin to leave the city in exponential numbers. This confirms to the reader that when the human population dies the memories of oneself is forgotten forever, slipping into oblivion.
Finally, the author completes his mind game by concluding...

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