Contrasting Aztec And Aksum Militaries. Essay

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The Aztec and Aksum were great civilizations that they were very successful in the past. These two civilizations were different, because the Aztecs were well trained and respected warriors and the Aksums were advanced in technology in that period the Aksums were able to use iron and steel weapons. Despite their technological achievements the Aztec Warrior was more respected and well trained than a simple Aksum soldier.The Aztec civilization was located in the Valley of Mexico. In the Aztec civilization they were unknown people who came to the Valley of Mexico during the 12th and 13th century A.D. and became the greatest power in the Americas by the time that Spaniors came in the 16th century. The Aztecs believed Huitzilopochti who was their war god, and this told the people of Aztec that they should build other city where they can find a eagle in a cactus surrounded by water. Finally, the Aztecs found that eagle, and build the city of Tenochitlan. In the 15th century the Aztecs grew to a small tribe to a huge powerful and highly discipline military force. In the year 520 the Spaniors came to American to conquer the Aztecs. After that was the end of the Aztec Empire.The Aksum was an Ancient African Civilization that was located in the North East of Ethiopia in Kush. Aksum grew very fast because of trading agriculture resources, gold and ivory. Through the port of Adulis Aksum was able to trade with the Romans and the Indians. When King Ezana conquered many lands, including the Nile Valley realm of Meroe and becoming ruler over part of Asia and Africa. King Ezana converted his people to Christianity in 330 A.D. The Aksum was invaded by the Persian Empire in the 6th century A.D. The Aksum Empire ended.The Aztecs considered war very important. All the people were obligated to train in the army including nobility and commoners. In the army the instructors were the priests that they also can participate in battle. Warrior that captured 4 or 5 prisoners in battlefield they would gain the title of an eagle or jaguar warrior. Most of the military orders were formed by the nobility and the Aztec warrior was promoted by his merits. There were other special units like the Otontin and the Cuachchichqueh that were warriors that they would no retreat in battle.The Aksum army was an empire based on Monarchy; the kind was the chief-commander regularly his brothers and sons were elected to do important jobs in the army. King Ezana was one of the outstanding leaders in the army. The Aksum was organized into Sarawits, groups of regiments of unknown numerical...

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