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In this chapter I mostly describe what is creative leadership, how it consist. As a result, it could help we answer into my problem statement. Because here we find out which role act creative leaders in the companies, whether they are important.
One of the important component for the creativity is imagination . Without it you just cannot be creative, because it is inseparable from each other. Without imagination you cannot create, because firstly you imagine something and then start to create, start to think how you can create thing which you imagine. Furthermore, talking about „what imaginization consists Morgan „emphasized the following five points““ (Morgan): imaginization is about improving our abilities to see and understand situations in new ways, imaginization is about finding new images for new ways of organizing, imaginization is about the creation of shared understandings, imaginization is about personal empowerment and imaginization is about developing capacities for continuous self-organization. Thus, some of them I try to describe.
First of all, every people imagine the same thing differently. For example, if we ask children, farmers, etc. question what pig is everyone answers differently. Children firstly think about the fairytale with three pigs, farmer say that pig is source of living and they look at pig quality that later on can sell the pig and that earn some money, and for the wolf pig is food. This says us that everybody have their frame of understanding about the things in their particular way. The same would be and with the understanding what it is organization and management, how to design and manage organizations, how to find a good way to communicate with your employees that they hear you. „For the last 200 years, managers have learned to see and understand organizations as being equivalent to human machines and have tried to design and run them as such“. (Morgan). For example, when is given the big task for organization then this task is divided into smaller tasks and give it to different departments and again task is detailed to the certain individual or group. For this reason, organization compared as a machine. Hence, we can see how organization can be many things at once, also every manager can imagine differently how to managing the organization, activities, what it is the best way to divide task, etc., due to there are different frameworks how organization is understand, how need to managing it, similarly with the pig example which I mention previously.
What is more, sometimes...

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