Crimea And Ukraine 2014 Crises

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The seizure of Crimea, and the destabilization of eastern Ukraine has been marked by many as one of the major conflicts since the Cold War. It began in 2010 and escalated to what it is today (the seizure of Crimea by Russia). Boasting a plethora of effects on the greater European region, such as energy supply and diplomatic relationships, the crisis quickly became a matter of concern. Within my paper I explore the history that aroused this affair, detail the effects it had upon other nations, and conclude with historical analysis relating to past issues.
History of the Crimean and Ukraine
The Ukraine and Crimean crisis began in 2010 with Presidential elections in which the world witnessed “pro-Russia candidate and former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych winning the narrow margin over Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko” ("Why is Ukraine in turmoil?" February 22, 2014). Yanukovych achieved victory thanks to the support of the eastern half of the country – a portion of Ukraine dominated by pro-Russian citizens. Naturally this sparked outrages from the pro-EU citizens and even worse led to riots when the newly elected President accepted stronger ties to Russia; unraveling all the hard work that had been put into the relationship with the European Union. Replies from the “activist” led to actions such as “occupy Kiev city hall” in which 800,000 people showed up to protest the atrocities they believed to be inexcusable ("Ukraine crisis timeline" March 17, 2014).
To combat this run of riots the Ukrainian parliament issued a law against protesting in hopes of diminishing their campaign the opposite effect was achieved. War luckily, was avoided thanks to President Yanukovych signing a compromise on the 21st of February. Shortly after this announcement the President fled the country and the “elite Berkut police unit, blamed for the deaths of the protesters, was disbanded”. Many hoped that this would eventually lead to a more peaceful Ukraine, as there were talks of handing more power to the people and a new constitution. This however would not be the case as Russian parliament approved Vladimir Putin’s request to use force in Ukraine to protect Russian interest in the onset of March ("Ukraine crisis timeline" March 17, 2014).
Putin effectively seized control of Crimea (which at one time belonged to Russia under Catherine the Great) and instills a sense of belonging amongst many of the Pro-Russians in western Ukraine and Crimea. This action concluded with a vote in Parliament and then a democratic reaction from its citizens as to whether Crimea would secede from Ukraine and return back to the motherland. As of March 18, 2014 “Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed parliament, defending Moscow’s actions on Crimea, then signs a bill to absorb the peninsula into the Russian Federation”.
Effects in Other Countries
The European Union’s dependence on Russia for its oil and gas may drastically change after the Crimean crises. Major plans to...

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