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Political stimulation gives us the opportunity as students to learn a lot of things; for instance, the roots and the past of each and every party; what is each party ideology, believes and what are the different categories of people it's addressing and representing. Furthermore, it gives us as students the opportunity to understand a lot of the main political concepts and terminologies; it also gives the students the chance to participate somehow in the political world even if it's not a real representation.
One of the advantages of the stimulation is the fact that it has the promise opportunities within the course of the game; which gives more credibility to the party and make the voters feel more attached to the this political entity. For example, if we are talking about the fundamentalist party and the promise of school prayers; such a promise that support the ideology of the people they are supposedly representing made them have more voters and trustworthiness. Another advantage is the scandal cards which gives somehow a real representation of what might occur in the real political life from scandals and troubles.
Firstly, one of the disadvantages of the political stimulation is the fact that it's all based on theories and rules, which doesn't have a space for free auctioning. Thus, we can't be 100 percent sure that the final conclusion we reached is completely fair and true. Another reason why I think that the stimulation has faults is the systematic way that makes the political parties restricted by the same numbers when it comes to choosing our positions in the turn issues; because in my perception, this process should be kept freely when it comes to what issue position a party would take in order to be able to expose the people who are going to vote the real and complete point of view of the political parties that could be faced by them and how would they react towards them to be able to evaluate whether this government is worth voting for or not. Besides, there is to some extent an unrealistic approach when it comes plotting the political parties on the...

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