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Animals have been used in testing for over 2,000 years. Animal experimentation was established around the second century. Mice, rabbits, bunny’s, reptiles , guinea pigs and other animals are all victims of animal experimentation . Companies such as Almay, Revlon, Opi and Wet n’ Wild are some of the companies that do not test on animals. According to the website RSPCA, it is estimated that more than 100 million animals are used in experiments each year across the world. Scientists say that animal experimentation is necessary for a variety of things. Others say there is no other way scientists can achieve their scientific objectives (RSPCA).

It is cruel to experiment on animals even if scientists state that they can not find another way to accomplish their scientific objectives. The animals are practically living a miserable and terrifying life. Some scientists state that animals do not suffer during the experiment, it depends on what type of chemical is being used. Animals can experience ‘mild’, ‘moderate’, or severe suffering. (RSPCA). Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University used a monkey to build a brain implant that was meant to allow humans to eventually control robotic arms with their thoughts. This is an example of how animals are being mistreated and abused due to experiments.

With the information that LoveToKnow website provided, it stated that rabbits are shaved and sprayed with products to see how the skin would react, Albino rabbits are strapped down into a metal bed and poured eye drops to see whether or not the eye would irritate, and the rabbits are also placed in a container filled with fumes to later on see if they have respiratory problems. After all the cruelty companies force animals to go through, there are also some companies that are against animal experimentation such as S.t Lives, Yes To Carrots, Bath and Body Works, Urban Decay and Bare Essentials. It has come to a point where cosmetic companies are placing labels on their products that ensure “cruelty free” and “not tested on animals” to persuade the buyer to purchase their product. some manufactures actually hire an outside company to do the cosmetic animal testing for them and later on buy the results. (LoveToKNowMakeup).

Why are animals being Tested on household and cosmetic products? well, according to the book “Animal Rights” by...

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