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Adulthood: a word that touches the lips of every high school senior, whether they crave it or fear it. I find myself somewhere in the middle, wondering if I know what adulthood entails. However, skimming my memories, I find a few moments that pop out.

The chair creaks (hear) as I rock back and forth, watching little Suzy playing with her brother Matt. They're flying around the yard, playing some variation of tag that I'm sure I've played one day or another.
“Grandma, grandma!” yells Suzy as she runs towards me (motif). “Look what I can do!” She stops a few feet in front of the stairs to the deck. She leans forward, puts her hands on the ground, and throws her feet over the rest of her ...view middle of the document...

He shrugs his small shoulders and leans forward, reaching toward me with his arms. I scoot into his bed with him and cuddle him in my arms.
“The monster,” he mumbles and hides his face in my shirt.
“What monster?”
“In belly,” he whines and pokes my bump. I giggle to myself and run my fingers through his head of sand (metaphor).
“Sweetie, it's not a monster. It's your new sister (motif),” I explain calmly. He nuzzles his head into my side.
“Mommy, what if she doesn't like me?” I kiss the top of his head.
“Don't worry, Ry,” I sigh. “She will love you. You'll be her big brother. Her hero.”
“Like Superman?” he yells and jumps up. I put my finger to my lips and shush him.
“Daddy's asleep,” I whisper. Ryan blushes and hides his face. I grab his chin. “But yes, sweetie, like Superman.” Content with that answer, Ryan falls asleep in my arms with dreams of being Superman to his little sister.

The nurse places my new baby girl into my arms, and tears spill down my cheeks. After 18 hours of labor, she finally lays in my arms, red, squirmy, crying (asyndeton). My husband places his hand on my shoulder to peak at our beautiful Karina (motif).
“Brandon, bring Ry in, please,” I sniff. He kisses my cheek and squeezes my shoulder.
“I'll be right back, babe,” he says and gently pets Karina's few strands of hair.
I exhale in exhaustion. My eyes fight to stay open to introduce Karina to her Superman (allusion). I stare at Karina. She drags her eyelids apart and gazes at me with her big grey eyes (sight). More tears rush to my eyes. The only thing I have ever seen as beautiful was Ryan when he was born.
The door swings open slowly, and in comes Brandon with Ryan in his arms.
“Are you excited?” Brandon whispers. Bashful Ryan nods and hides his face into his daddy's shoulder.
“Hey Ry,” I whisper. Ryan turns his face towards me and waves with his small hand. Brandon brings him in closer to Karina and me. Ryan looks down at her. “Meet your new sister.” Ryan buries himself into Brandon again. Brandon lowered Ryan down to see Karina.
“Look, Ryan, look,” whispered Brandon, his voice smooth as Dove chocolate. That voice was the first thing I noticed when I met him.

I glance over at the papers on my desk; various referals from various teachers of various students. My first day on the job, and I already have a list of children to call in. Although I am slightly overwhelmed, I am excited as well.
I have dreamt of being a social worker since high school. I smile at the print out of the “Social Workers in Schools” occupational profile I printed out my junior year of high school that originally convinced me that social work was my future (“Social Workers in Schools). The description of the job and the...

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