'd Day' The Day When Allied Forces Lunged An Massive Attack On The Nazis At The Coast Of Normandy

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D-Day is a military term for a day that the event, usually and attack is to happen. The termD-Day became famous for the invasion which took place on June 6,1944. On June 6,1944, theAllied Forces lunged an massive attack on the Nazis at the coast of Normandy. Normandy is on thenorthern coast of France. The Allied Forces finally decided to take offensive to defeat the Nazis and to winback the land which they took from France(Astor 4).Eisenhower pushed back the date of the invasion from May to June because of the number of thelanding crafts. He thought he did not have enough landing crafts for the invasion which he planned.Eisenhower wanted the invasion to start on a low tide because then they ...view middle of the document...

To fool theGermans to think that the invasion was going to lunged at Pas de Calais, General George S. Patton wasnamed the commander of the invasion, whose First U.S. Army Group was camped around the southeastern coast of England. This action fooled the Germans into believing that the attack was going to be onPas de Calais. But the First U.S. Army Group and all the dummy weapons and tanks were all distractions.The Germans believing this put nineteen divisions to defend Pas de Calais(Astor 102).Eisenhower wanted the landing to start on a low tide because if the obstacles were hidden by thewater they would lose a majority of the landing crafts. The navy battleships and the air forces wanted atleast an hour of daylight to make the bombardment more effective. As tide rises the infantry and the tankscould come in(Howarth 6).Eisenhower was chosen as the supreme commander of the invasion because the major forces werefrom America. In December of 1943 Eisenhower was chosen as the supreme commander by Roosevelt andCOSSAC(Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander)(Astor 102).The most western beach of the invasion was named Utah. It was about a nine miles long shelf.Utah was not as heavily defended as Omaha, the beach east of Utah. Utah beach was assigned to theFourth Infantry Division in the American Army. The naval bombardment would damage the Germandefense and the tanks and the infantry units would go in with naval support and take the beach and overpower the German defenses(Astor 222).Omaha is the name of the beach east of Utah. Omaha beach was assigned to the First and theTwenty Ninth Infantry Division brought to shore by amphibious tanks at the H Hour or 6:30AM. Thedestroyers and bombers would bombard the German defenses from 5:50 to 6:30. Then sixty fouramphibious tanks, thirty five ordinary tanks, sixteen bulldozer tanks followed by eight companies ofinfantry soldiers would come in(Astor 185).Gold Beach was the code name of the landing beach east of Omaha Beach. This beach was givento the British army. Their objective was to take over the complex of machine guns overlookingArromanches a city west of the beach(Astor 167).Juno Beach is a five mile stretch east of Gold Beach. Juno Beach was assigned to the ThirdCanadian Infantry Division with several armored regiments. The Canadians numbered nine to oneadvantage. They also had DD tanks go ahead of them to detonate mines(Astor 256).At 7:25 AM, tanks from the Twenty Second Dragoon Guards will land on the shores of SwordBeach which is at east of Juno Beach. Ordinary tanks, the DD Tanks, and the Crocodile tanks will go inand try to soften up the German's defense. Then the infantry units will go in(Astor 254).Both American and the British had airdrops planned. Americans to guard the west flank of theinvasion and the British the guard the eastern flank of the invasion. There also were gliders to carry inmore troopers and medics. The paratroopers would stop the reinforcements coming across the...

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