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The hamstrings are the tendons that attach the large muscles at the back of the thigh to bone. The hamstring muscles are the large muscles that pull on these tendons. Muscles such as the semimembranosus, the semitendinosus, and the biceps femoris muscles begin at the ischium, span the thigh and connect to the tibia and the fibula. The hamstring muscles actively allow the knee to move in flexion and extension. These muscles are almost inactive when it comes to common activities such as normal walking or standing. On the other hand, our bodies depend heavily on the hamstrings during activities such as running jumping, and climbing. Athletes really need strong, healthy hamstrings whereas people who aren’t really active don’t really depend as much on those muscles.
Over the years, I‘ve had a couple of injuries but only one of these injuries occurred from actual dancing. As I was rehearsing for a competition dance at my studio about two years ago, I started to do an attitude turn into a ponche and all of a sudden I feel this sharp pain go up the back of my leg. I was moving eccentrically when I ended up pulling my hamstring, but I kept dancing because I thought the pain would just go away but it didn’t. The fact that I kept dancing probably made the injury worse as well. I don’t remember going to the doctor but I do recall looking up ways to quickly recover because I had an important dance workshop coming up in three weeks. I didn’t end up doing much but I consistently got deep massages and applied heat and ice on my hamstring. Also, I didn’t take dance classes for about two weeks but when it got to close to the dance workshop, I took class with modifications. When the workshop came, I began
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dancing full out again because a piece was being set on us. I was still in pain, but I just pushed through the three day workshop. This probably was not a good idea because my hamstring didn’t fully recover from its injury. After the workshop, I actually stopped dancing for another 2-3 weeks and fully recovered from pulling my hamstring. I didn’t have many symptoms after my injury occurred. I just felt a very sharp pain whenever I tried to lift my leg or even walk, but I kept stretching and getting deep massages on my hamstring because that is what I was told to do. The muscles involved in my injury were the semimembranosus, the semitendinosus, the biceps femoris, and of course the hamstring muscle. I wondered if it was more common to injure yourself dancing eccentrically or concentrically. It appears that “In athletes, rapid, eccentric loading is the most common mechanism of injury involving the biceps femoris at the
musculotendinousjunction” (Deleget, 98).
Hamstring injuries are muscle strain injuries. Grant Freckleton and Tania Pizzari insist that “Hamstring muscle strain-type injuries are common in...

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