Daumier, Satire And Exaggeration Essay

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The United States was a country founded on the basis of freedom. Imagine living in a nation in which The First Amendment did not exist. Where there was not freedom of speech or press where censorship reigned with a king. This picture is that of France for the entirety of the nineteenth century. During this era, Honoré Daumier was a renowned political and social cartoonist. The King and his police persecuted the lithographer Daumier, among numerous other French artists, for his political activism, including jail time and heavy fines. Honoré Daumier was a master of political and social critique. Looking at an overview of his commentaries there appear strong parallels that can be drawn to current American politics. Daumier uses a range of stylistic choices to promote critiques that are multi-dimensional which contain various overt and more subtle satires, meanings, and messages. Learning from and referencing Daumier, I created a political cartoon that mimics his style.
Honoré Daumier (1808-79) was an artist from the people for the people. Daumier was raised in a lower-middle class family with an, aspiring poet, father whose income came mainly from glazing and picture framing. As can be seen, Daumier grew up in an art-influenced and art supported environment. In his late teen years Daumier started his artist education through a job as a portrait lithographer. He quickly moved on to working as a courtroom artist and caricaturist. Daumier’s caricatures are what gained him his prominence as a lithographer. He worked for numerous magazines including Le Caricature and Le Charivari and over his lifetime created a massive four thousand lithographs. However, his journey was not without setbacks. Daumier was jailed for six months, paid numerous fines over the years, and fought governmental censorship on a daily basis. Yet, the public did not only love Daumier but he was also praised for his work by some of the most revered painters of the era. He devoted his life to making lithographs...

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