David J. Hufford's Beings Without Bodies

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As David Hufford said, in Beings Without Bodies, much of folk belief about spirits is found to be reasonable. This account is reported under his experience-centered theory. Hufford said much of the belief of spirits is reasonable as it is established on logical understanding from a person’s own experience. However, Hufford said not all beliefs are backed up by experience or even evidence. Some beliefs are made purely on faith. (Hufford p.11)
As I interviewed Annie Filban about her personal experience with spirits, I found to my judgment that it seemed she based a lot of her belief in her story upon faith. Even though she believed something was in fact out of the norm, and was making peculiar movements and noise in her home, she was still skeptical with some of her statements. Filban responded on different occasions to “I don’t know” and “I guess,” which lead me to believe her belief is not based upon evidence as much as it relies on her faith.
Annie Filban was 12-years-old when her and her family moved into an old house in Wendell, North Carolina. Her parents found this house for a very reasonable price, but it wasn’t just because the house was old. It was soon discovered that her parents had purchased a home that was part of the Underground Railroad. Not only did it have a deep history, but also the last tenant had recently died in the home. So, her family moved into their new home.
Filban said the home had a yard that was overgrown. “The trees and bushes were overgrown, and the house was dark,” Filban said. “And the windows were covered.” She and her sister slept in the front bedroom of the house. She remembers the bedroom having a large, floor-to-ceiling window. She said you could look out and see the wrap-around porch on the house. The first week they lived in the house was fine, until about the tenth day Filban remembered.
On the tenth day, she and her family had gone to sleep, when she woke up to a noise. She heard what she thought were the sound of footsteps. She looked out the large window in her bedroom, and there was nothing to be seen. She went back to sleep, and a few minutes later heard the same sound. Filban said it sounded like a person of a significant weight, walking heavily outside her window. The noise reoccurred a few nights later. She looked out her window, and again saw nothing. She finally worked up the courage to tell her parents about what she was hearing during the night.
Her mother decided to play music for her daughters when they went to bed. Filban’s mother is a minister at a Christian church, and her father does not have a specific religious background. She said they do believe in paranormal activity, and did not dismiss her accusation, and investigated. Filban, herself, said she was raised Pentecostal, but now has a faith in a higher power. Yet, she does not know what exactly what she think that power is.
Filban does believe that ghosts...

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