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I awaken with inside a tower the bright orange sun glistening into my eyes. The clouds crashing into it as if almost to topple it over onto the cold hard earth. I stare from my bed out to the window as I struggle to get up from the bed the cushions as soft as silk pulling me back to slumber. I struggle finally getting up I walk toward the window and feel a warm embrace as if the suns heat has circled me. Standing amazed unsure of whether I should leave this spot. I was perplexed not knowing what I was to do today.
Finally I walked to my closet getting dressed for a monumental occasion I rushed toward the door opening it and exiting I stepped into a hallway the door closing behind me I heard the lock latch. I looked the walls painted a peach color with lights along them. The floor was a soft carpet colored red as a rose. I began my walk toward the elevator, the metallic doors seeming to accent the decor began to open to a person dressed in a red suit and black tie with a hat that looked as if it belonged to a police officer. As I entered the elevator the back was glass in which you could see past the clouds onto the pure green pastures. He asked what floor, I was taken back while looking at the beautiful décor I forgotten where I was to go.
Then as the clouds continued to pass as if it was a blanket covering the world. I subconsciously heard myself say top floor it was then I realized what I was doing there. The elevator climbed upwards it seemed we would soon be far away from the earth. Then I heard a sound like a little kids bicycle bell ring, then the man said to me “top floor”. The doors opened into a bright light blinding me for a second. As I regained my vision I saw thousands of people standing on what looked like the roof of the building but it was surround by a sphere. The sun bearing down upon it should have made it unbearably hot but it...

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