Level 5 Leadership: Indra K. Nooyi

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There are many definitions of leadership and opinions on the characteristics need to provide decent, effective leadership. However in order to define the characteristics of a good leader, we must first define leadership. By definition leadership is a position as a leader of a group, organization, etc.; the time when a person holds the position of leader; or the power or ability to lead other people (Leadership, n.d.). A leader is often seen as someone who has made exceptional accomplishments educationally and professionally. A leader is often one who is able to provide direction within the organization by articulating the mission, vision, values and purpose of the group or organization to help build its infrastructure. The leader is also responsible for building the commitment of the group or organizations members by building a great relationship with its members and creating a level of trust and accountability. Upon determining the directions of the group and gaining their trust the leader must finally align all stakeholders on a common ground (Martin & Ernst, 2005).
Great leaders are not born, however someone who possess the potential to be a great leader is one who is able to combine their skills with the characteristics of a great leader. In “From Good to Great” Jim Collins explains the concept of “Level 5 Leadership. According to Jim (2001), “Level 5” refers to the highest level of a hierachial leadership level in which a person can reach. Leader who reach this level are deem great leaders, who have accomplished all level of leadership successfully.
Level 5 Leadership
Great leaders often exhibit humility and seek success for their group or ogranization rather than their own personal gain. Thus often progressing through the levels of the leadership hierachy either sequantialy or non-sequantially; however a great leader ultimately possess all skills within each level. Those level and characteristics according to Collin (MindTools.com, 2014) are as follows:
Level 1: Higly Capable Individual - A person who is highly cable to produce and contribute high quality work within the group or organization. This person injects knowledge that is often beneficial and accompied by talent and skills to enhance their effectivness.
Level 2: Contributing Team Member - A person who has established themselves as a strong team player who often provides work that is effective, prductive and collaboratively which often leads to the success of the group or organization.
Level 3: Competent Manager - A person who provides exceptional ogranizational skills for a group or organiation, which results in the group reaching a specific goal or objective.
Level 4: Effective Leader – A person who is able to provided the motivation, encouragement and inspiration that result in the group or organization meeting its performance objectives and achieving its vision.
Level 5: Great Leader – A person who exudes humility in addition to the qualities found in the first four...

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