Description Of A Teacher Fired From Our School

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FrancisThis requires considerable jogging of the memory after all the chaos and nonsense currently consuming the school....Really busy now with all the chaos the school has created. I did more schoolwork in my 6 weeks in Italy than anything the administration did....Here's what I can remember off the cuff about Francis's last year, and how there was no choice but to get rid of him...I was the IB2 homeroom teacher directly across the hall from Francis during his final year, and he would constantly charge into my room and complain about how other teachers were undermining him or trying to destroy his life. I don't know if you remember Catherine, who had replaced Ernie (!) as coordinator, but ...view middle of the document...

Eventually classes would move away from Faulkner to the more immediate need of describing Francis's relationship with his 19-20 year old girlfriend (the one who would hide in the toilet whenever someone came to visit). He revelled in describing their 'friskiness' which was hard-going for most students of a sensitive disposition. But eventually the whole manner of teaching was taken over and his use of language from a Literature teacher degenerated further into four-letter words. When I heard this I was bemused as he once told me never to swear in front of students after I'd told him a let out a 'damn' when yelling at a class for incomplete work). Consider this commentary of a student's work, uttered late in the year when, far behind his schedule, he had taken to teaching IB1 AND IB2 in one class:This is good. This is GOOD. This is like ejaculation during intercourse!I kid you not... He had actually complimented one student in class for getting rid of all the viruses from his home computer he had received from all his visits to porn sites. More on this later....His main problem- his inability to keep to the programme and which led to the most calamitous moment for the students: the Commentaries.One Wednesday he starts his class by saying that they were in great shape (you must remember his constant use of that phrase) and that they had two weeks to prepare for the commentaries. Thursday's class started calmly enough:OK guys, look: Commentaries are due Sunday afternoon. That's when I have to send them via computer to the IB. So. Joanne- you do yours Saturday. Barry, Sunday. Metodi- you can do yours tomorrow, you're ready. Anyone else want to get his over with?And so on for the rest of the entire class.Barry later told me of his anger that Francis gave Joanne a better mark than him:After three minutes Joanne completely broke down and ran out of the room in tears. How the hell could Francis give her 24/30?!Francis gave Barry 20/30 which the moderator later knocked down to 13, and his internal marks were mostly double what the student would receive in the exam papers.In one history class Francis knocked on my door and called out Oman which pissed me off as I was deep in review. When Oman came back in he had that incredulous look on his face he'd perfected and told us that Francis had taped over his commentary and had asked Oman to redo his there and then. In the end all the kids were frustrated that they still could not access their final marks as each one had a 'pending' for it.With the May exam in a mere fortnight, Francis was getting further and further behind. With 15 works required, he was only at 10, and he was moving at breakneck speed. He did Waiting for Godot in one class.student: But is Godot supposed to be God?Francis(for it was he): No no no, it's about nothing. The whole play is about NOTHING.student: But Francis, what is this play really about?Francis: Look, it's simple. Don't worry about it. It won't come up.students in unison: But...

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