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The research question will be based on the article Longitudinal Linkages among Parent–Child Acculturation Discrepancy, Parenting, Parent–Child Sense of Alienation, and Adolescent Adjustment in Chinese Immigrant Families by Kim, Chen, Wang, Shen, & Orozco, 2012. The research question is: Will Chinese immigrants who use their traditional Chinese parenting style or an assimilated parenting style of Chinese and American styles improve their adolescent’s grade in school? In order to measure this question, we would need to set two different groups that contain Chinese parenting style and mixed parenting style. Next we can survey the parents to see what kind of things they do in their parenting styles. Finally we can compare what kind of grades the students received in school in order to see which style is more effective for kids growing up in that certain environment.
In the article Longitudinal Linkages among Parent–Child Acculturation Discrepancy, Parenting, Parent–Child Sense of Alienation, and Adolescent Adjustment in Chinese Immigrant Families by Kim et al., 2012, hypothesizes that discrepancy between the parent and child acculturation level can have a negative impact on their children such as being less warm towards them, not as controlling and motivated, and less likely to reason with them. The researchers believe that since the parents will have negative attitudes towards their children; therefore they will be less supportive parents which may increase the discrepancy of the parents and children even further which would lead to problems in the children while growing up. The researchers find this important because they take a look at this problem with Chinese immigrants in a longitudinal design, unlike previous research regarding children of immigrants in United States.
In the research conducted by Kim et al., 2012 they selected 379 families which had both parents who were foreign born and among the children, 72% were born in United States and 28% were foreign born. This research was a longitudinal study which consisted of recruiting the adolescents while they were in middle school and tested them again four years later while they attended high school. In order for the researchers get information about parents and students, they went to seven middle schools in the major metropolitan areas of north California and ask school administrators seek out eligible families. Of those who were eligible they sent out a questionnaire in both English and Chinese to the families. Four years later they sent another set of questionnaire to the families who completed the questionnaire during Wave 1. During Wave 1 they recruited students that were ages 12-15 and during Wave 2 they were four years older. The researchers also looked at personal data about their sample such as family income which ranged from $30,001 - $45,000, as well as education achieved for each parents and which part of China did they originate from. In order for the researchers to measure...

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