The Different Reactions In The U.S.A. To The Countrys Involvement In The Conflict In Vietnam In The 1960's.

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There were such different reactions with the USA involving themselves with Vietnam as there were so many different situations which made each persons view either strengthen or change. Each person also had different backgrounds or history involving them which also made their decision on how they think about the war. One situation that made some views was the Cuban Missile Crisis and when the WW2 veteran's views were expressed when America had stopped the Soviet Union putting nuclear missiles on Cuba which would have meant the eastern part of USA would have been in striking range. This was the closest the world had ever been to nuclear war. There were different reactions as the older generation had fought in the war against Hitler from taking over the world and felt they had to stop communism to stop it happening again. They would also have felt that they fought for there country to protect the younger generation so why couldn't the younger generation of the 60's do the same? and if communism did spread across the world all the WW2 efforts would have been pointless. However the younger generation felt very differently as they thought as the world had come so close to nuclear but had never done before that something was going wrong and a new approach should have been taken. This made the two generations split due to their different reactions and views.Draft dodgers were another situation that caused different reactions. Young Americans felt that the war was immoral and that the USA had no right to put across its views to a poorer nation like Vietnam. Scientists also said how all the chemical weapons were causing a disastrous effect on the environment. These views mainly came from the younger generation between the late 60's and early 70's. However this period is noted for teenagers rebelling against what they saw as the conservative ways of their parents. Vietnam made this worse and went against the older generation's views caused by the Second World War. This all caused many of the younger generations to protest and avoid going to war at all costs which led to the poorer people who were mainly black go to war due to not being able to afford lawyers or whatever required for them not to go. This all made the black people feel that it was racist and politically incorrect making them feel cheated and used as it seemed only the poor and black went to war to fight for the rich white men.Demonstrations also led people's views to strengthen or even change. As there were more casualties, more people attended demonstrations. Over 100,000 protesters demonstrated outside the pentagon in Washington in 1967 but four years later 300,000 took part in the veteran's march. Heroes of war wore their old uniforms and ripped off their hard earned medals and with their decorations and ribbons they got in honour of fighting the war they threw them away in the middle of the march. Many Americans were deeply shocked too see how the veterans showed their disgust and how they...

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