Do Children With Divorced Parents Have A Different “Love Language” Than Those Who Don’t?

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Do Children with Divorced Parents have a Different “Love Language” than those who Don’t?

Divorce is a rattling subject that roughly 1,000,000 children face each year ( Many children respond by wanting nothing to do with their parents, while others respond by wanting more time with their parents ( Children without divorced parents tend to have a variety of different “love languages.” Some children react to love differently.
Research has said that there are few differences between a child with married parents and a child with divorced. Few kids have problems that carry on throughout their life. Four out of ten face divorce, yet of those four, one will face serious social, emotional, and psychological problems. Only one out of ten children whose parents stay together will have the same problems (Scientific American). Divorce alters lives. Children start to pull away from their parents and peers. Kids whose parents stay together usually have better grades than those who’s were divorced. There is only a small difference though. Teens start to understand divorce and blame themselves, causing them to have a low self-esteem. Teens become more aggressive, anxious, irritable, and depressed when their parents are divorced. Some teens start to behave better to try and bring their parents back together. Most children feel like their world is falling apart. Parents are supposed to make sacrifices for their kid, not the other way around ( After divorce teens are affected because their
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parents have to support themselves more and not depend on the other spouse. This means that the parents have to get longer hours at work and don’t get to see their child as much. This hurts the child because they want the love of their parent (
A love language is an action that shows love. There are five different love languages. Words of Affirmation is giving complements and telling them that you love them. Ex: You look nice today. I love you. Then next love languange is Quality Time. Quality Time is where you spend time with someone and acknowledge them. Ex: Going to the movies together. Receiving Gifts is the least commom love language. It should not be taken seriously. Ex: Buying the other person a new shirt as a surprise. Acts of Service is doing little things to help the person out and show them that their time is important...

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