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There is a good reason for why the time period between 1500 to 1800 is called the early modern period. That time was full of so many world changes that didn’t pass on any aspect of life: cultural, traditional and economic changes. Empires and regimes rose and fell, people navigated and migrated, new and modern systems of money and capital was developed and all that has occurred worldwide. But while in 1500 there wasn’t dominant world “leader”, in 1800 it was clear where the world is heading. The west and the dominance of Europe in world’s trade shadows over eastern societies. This situation had generated debate that is driven by historical and cultural open wounds. Neill Ferguson radical ...view middle of the document...

Mishra’s respond is that this is “white man’s history”. He cites an Indian philosopher that describes those empires actions from the view of the people of the eastern world as “animals who see no difference between good and evil….insane in their lust and grabbing people’s land and wealth by hook”. This anti-imperialistic view shows exactly why this debate got so personal. He believes that the emperies of the early modern periods had led to uneven development and environmental degradation that benefited the west.
The two historians are on the two extreme sides of this debate. Ignoring the fact that empires brought modern civilization to eastern and Latin societies is unmoral. Ignoring the fact that with that modern civilization there also developed slaves industry and occurred great famines is also unmoral. But judging these western societies today and blaming them in societies falling behind the West is wrong. The changes that occurred in this time period could create global world without western domination but eastern societies unwilling to adapt to this global world led to that western domination.
The second aspect of eastern failure of understanding world’s patterns is eastern inward focus and lack of global connections. In this time period there started first factors of global communities. With the Colonization of American and Asian countries the world becomes smaller place to live in. This time period is when there are first interracial and cultural connections between people and societies through trades and ideas. But Chinese empires are not understanding this new global world that is created. Chinese emperors are not looking for colonies while the western empires are exploring the new world. This created a serious advantage for the western societies that have monopoly over new territory and resources without competitors. This example of china is only one eastern society out of many like the Islamic empires that despite having the ability to explore the world never left central Asia and Africa.
The second aspect of eastern failure of understanding world’s patterns is the slavery industry. If to set aside the morality behind human trafficking and slavery, 300 years ago it was an important component of empires economy exactly as silver, sugar and tobacco. It is estimated that over 12 million of slaves were transported over the middle passage. ...

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