Black & Decker Eastern Hemisphere And The Adp Initiative.

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Issues and Problems.Bill Lancaster, president of Black and Decker's Eastern Hemisphere, was facing a difficult problem regarding the implementation of a new performance appraisal system. He had three choices to accept the modified ADP system developed by Anita Lim, manager of Human Resources to implement the ADP system adopted in the U.S. or to continue allowing the different sites to use variations of (MBO) Management by Objective plan.(ADP) Appraisal Development Plan, also called the 360 degree feedback approach to performance appraisal relies on feedback from peers, subordinates and supervisors as well as a self-appraisal. Interviews with a number of Asian employees indicated that the ADP would not be accepted in the Eastern Hemisphere as it had been in the Western Hemisphere i.e.., United States. Asia's Human Resource Manager Anita Lim, therefore, presented Bill Lancaster with a modified version which lacked the components that made it a 360 degree feedback.Bill Lancaster needs to make a decision in the near future. His decision needs to incorporate consideration for possible cultural differences as well as consideration for what he believes will bring the changes needed to this part of the Black and Decker Company to work cohesively and have a positive outcome.Black & Decker Corporation.Black & Decker has been in operation for almost 90 years. It began with the famous drill with a pistol grip and trigger. Within a few years the company had expanded to Canada, England, Australia, Japan and Russia. By the 1990s, the company had offices in 109 countries and they had sales of $4.9 billion with a net income in excess of $229.6 million. The company has a number of brands that include DeWalt, Price Pfister, Kwikset, Dustbuster and other products. They manufacture small appliances, faucets, portable tools, large set industrial tools and a number of other products.Their success is in North America and Europe. In Asia and Latin America, they are not as popular and sales are lower than expected. In an effort to attack the problem the company reorganized and split their International Group in Latin America and the Eastern Hemisphere. The Eastern Asia headquarters was opened in Singapore and covered a wide territory that includes Africa, India, Pakistan, the Middle East and all of Asia-Pacific.The Eastern Hemisphere.Bill Lancaster was appointed as President in October 1995. He had held a number of senior positions before this assignment. By the time Mr. Lancaster arrived, the company had made commitments to spend almost $89 million to set up the headquarters in Singapore and build factories in India, China and Singapore. The total number of employees in this area was 1,000 with plans for this number to increase significantly by 2001of which a large percentage would be new managers.Bill Lancaster follows a participative management style and as a result, he spent a great deal of time talking with a number of employee's at different levels in the...

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