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The purpose of this assignment is to critically examine and discuss about the document of National Quality Standard (NQS). This assignment will provide an insight into various theoretical perspectives and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of teacher’s presence as an integral component of the learning environment in facilitating and scaffolding children’s learning. This essay will examine the National Quality Standard and discuss about how physical environment, staffing arrangements, and building positive relationships with children can directly impact on children’s learning and development in the early childhood settings.
The National Quality Standard establishes a national benchmark for the quality of education and care services. It provides great opportunities for families to have a better understanding of the quality service. This also allows families to make the right decisions about the services that provide the best education and care to their children. In the National Quality Standard, there are seven standards that provide children the quality of education and care services. These seven standards are educational program and practice; children’s health and safety; physical environment; staffing arrangements; relationships with children; collaboration partnerships with families and communities; leadership and service management (Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority [ACECQA], 2013). The National Quality Standard aims to support and foster the safety, health and wellbeing of children. It also aims to provide high-quality educational programmes to achieve positive outcomes for children. To add on, families will have a better understanding of the programmes and will be able to differentiate and choose the best quality education and care services for their children.

Physical Environment
The physical environment plays a crucial role in providing children with a safe and well-maintained environment that encourages adventurous play. The physical environment in which children’s play takes place is important to the learning process. This is because the environment is one where physical space nurtures creativity, concentration, and the motivation to independently learn and explore. As the environment plays an important role in children’s learning, it also provides opportunities for children to actively explore, engage in symbolic, dramatic or pretend play, make decisions and follow their own interests. For example, teachers need to make sure that the indoor environment such as the furniture and nursery equipment are well maintained and is able to meet the safety standards. All choking hazards like the beads, nuts, and broken toys or materials must be kept away from children and are properly organized. Teachers will have to think carefully and differently in planning and preparing the environment for children to learn. Furthermore, a teacher’s role is to be responsible for choosing and providing sufficient amount...

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