Edward Snowden Is A Traitor Essay

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Is Edward Snowden public enemy number one? Some say yes; some say no. Edward Snowden leaked the National Surveillance Agency (NSA)’s mass surveillance program. For this, Snowden was convicted as being a traitor and an enemy of the United States of America. His actions led to the government becoming vulnerable. This vulnerability from the public view could very easily have caused a domestic incident or a revolution. Snowden violated a contract he signed that swore him to secrecy. That should be enough to not just get him fired, but imprisoned. Snowden is a traitor to the U.S. because he failed his country and he failed his people.
Edward Snowden used to work for the NSA, a secret government surveillance program that collects private information. Snowden decided that keeping the program secret from the American people was immoral and tricked one of his superiors into giving him access to the database. He stole thousands of confidential documents created by the NSA, many of which are documents of personal and private information recovered from communication devices. This collection incriminated the NSA in illegal spying activities. After doing this, Snowden went to the media with the information, and the whole scandal was born.
The general consensus was negative towards the NSA for spying on the public. America’s allies such as Great Britain we very unpleased too. It seemed that in the heat of the scandal, everyone had turned on the american government. All because of Edward Snowden.
Snowden was wanted by the government for charges of espionage as an enemy of the country of the U.S.A. Instead of facing the courts, Snowden fled the country and managed to seek temporary asylum in Russia. Snowden is currently in Russia avoiding U.S. spies and giving interviews with the media. Snowden justifies his actions by saying, “To preserve our free societies, we have to defend not just against distant enemies, but against dangerous policies at home.” He may have seen endangering the image of the american government and turning the world against the people he worked for as “morally justified”, but so many horrible things could have come out of this such as: war, anarchy, and financial collapse from unforeseen information involving the stock market.
Some people may be thinking at this point, “If Snowden stole secret for the greater good, doesn’t that make him a hero, not a traitor?” Not necessarily. A traitor is a person who betrays either a friend, a country or a principle. Snowden did exactly this and sold out his government. This was a violation against the United States government...

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