Effect Of Gender Inequality On Economic Status

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The subject of women and their empowerment has always been one of controversy. Even though the United States and many other countries have made great strides in gender equality, men and women are still not equal. Although this problem is beginning to disappear in many countries, it was once much more significant. The United States, a country with one of the world’s smallest gender gaps, used to be one of its worst offenders. Prior to World War 2, women were rarely seen in the workforce with minor exceptions. As a result of the crisis, the men who traditionally held the labor jobs joined the war effort which left the women to support their families and the economy. During The Second World War, women played a key role in keeping the economy afloat and keeping the military supplied. Today, the United States is one of the countries getting closer to gender equality and all of those are reaping the benefits as some of the world’s greatest economies. Despite the progress, some countries such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are still highly gender biased. This is made evident by the catastrophic assault suffered by Afghanistan women on their human rights during more than twenty years of war and the repressive rule of the Taliban . Coincidentally, despite the progress of the past few years, Afghanistan is extremely poor, landlocked, and highly dependent on foreign aid . This is simply a microcosm of the pattern that can be identified around the world. This pattern can be identified among many countries in every part of the world. The strong correlation between a country’s level of gender equality and economic wealth exists because educated women tend to have fewer children, own property and increase the country’s income. These women will have a more prominent role in the work force and when empowered and allowed to own land with their husbands, often use their credit to help the profitability of the land. Uneducated women tend to have more children, only have access to jobs that require little to no skill and would manage land poorly even if they were allowed to own it much like their male counter parts.
According to foreign affairs reporter Olivia Ward, Afghanistan is one of the worst countries for women to live . Since the Taliban became a military and political force in late 1994, women and girls in Afghanistan have become virtually invisible in Taliban controlled portions of the country. The impact of Taliban imposed restrictions is most acutely felt in the cities where women had enjoyed relatively greater freedoms. In 1996, the University of Kabul reportedly had several thousand female students while thousands of professional women worked in different capacities in the city. Since the Taliban takeover, women are not allowed to attend school and others have been forced to leave their jobs . The status of the country’s economy is also one of the worst with its GDP at an equivalent of $19,177 million, and ranked 106th in the world .

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