Effect Of Physical Therapy Interventions On As

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Experimental studies:
In one of the study given by Y Analay et al (2002), researcher compared group exercise program under supervision with home physiotherapy program. Total 45 Subjects were randomly assigned to two groups. Group-I (N=23) was treated with stretching, mobilization, strengthening, cycling, postural & respiratory exercises. Each session was 50 min long and given for 3days/week for 6 weeks. While Group-II (N=22) performed same exercises at home for six weeks. After 6 weeks, Pain levels remain constant, aerobic capacity improved significantly in group I compared to baseline, but no significant difference was found between the groups.
Another study given by M. Yurtkuran et al (2005), three groups treated with different options were compared. Balneotherapy (N=21) was given to group I for 20min per day, 5 days a week for 3 weeks. Group II (N=20) was treated with BT and NSAIDs (1000 mg Naproxen) for same period, while Group III (N=20) took only NSAIDs. All groups were instructed to performe respiratory & postural exercises for 20mins per day. After 6 months of follow up, they showed significant improvement in all groups for all parameters except ESR, finger to floor distance and schober test.
Pilot Study:
In 10-15% of the AS cases, jaw complications also appear and most of the subjects undergo surgical procedure like osteotomy etc. One study was given by D.W. Oh et al (2008), where physical therapy program was administered for pain in TMJ and restricted mouth opening (N=10, mouth opening<30mm). Treatment session was 1 hour long, given 3 times a week for 4 weeks, with 6 week follow up. Total 12 sessions of Somatognathic alignment exercises with home exercise program were completed (Fig.4). ATD showed improvement after 4 weeks of Rx, but was not maintained at 6 week follow up, while all other parameters showed significant improvement till follow up.

With the progression of bony changes at spine level, chest expansion reduces which further affect lung capacities in AS. In of the recent study given by C. Alonso Blanco et al (2014), it was concluded that PT exercise program, either conventional or based on global posture re-education method may induce changes in spirometry in AS. In this study, experimental group was treated with global posture re-education method, while control group received conventional exercise program. Rib mobility was improved in both groups but FVC and FEV increased greater in experimental study.
Randomized Controlled Studies:
In most of the studies exercise program under PT obervation has always been considered as more effetive than working-out alone. In 1996, Helliwell et al compared a home regime with in-patient and out-patient physiotherapy treatment i.e. intensive in-patient physiotherapy, Out-patient hydrotherapy + home exercises and home exercises alone. Total 44 subjects were treated differently. Final results indicated that Inpatient and Out-patient physiotherapy produced the same short-term...

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