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“Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility.” (Peter Drucker) An effective manager can be the difference between a successful law enforcement organization or its failure. There are several theories on effective management in law enforcement and the business world alike. Some of those theories can cross over and be helpful for a law enforcement manager. A manager can have the knowledge of all theory relative to law enforcement management, but without understanding several key concepts, the manager will in turn not be effective. An effective law enforcement manager is responsible for far more than just managing employees, unlike the business world. Effective law enforcement managers’ decisions likely impact the safety of the citizens within the jurisdiction, and that is the greatest responsibility. There are several components that will allow a law enforcement manager to be effective. Out of those components there are three primaries that are of upmost concern. Those three components are effective communication, organizational skills, and empowerment.
The number one component that will make a law enforcement manager successful and in turn will make the agency successful is communication. Effective communication is the most important element for any successful law enforcement agency. The law enforcement manager must be able to successfully communicate his or her desires, wants, and goals throughout the entire organization. “Many ‘people problems’ are magnified because of the lack of effective communication skills. Problem. Problem-solving, decision-making, and quality improvement efforts are seriously hampered, if not impossible, if poor or ineffective communication skills are prevalent.” (The Police Chief Desk’s Reference) The first step in successful communication agency-wide would be for a manager to open up the lines of communication from a top-down approach. The manager or agency head needs to have constant, fluid communication between the division commanders. The division commanders need to have those same communication lines with line level supervisors. Line level supervisors should in turn be effectively communicating with operational staff. If the manager does not get his or her message of how operations should be carried out, how goals should be achieved, and how to improve continual operation effectiveness then the above mentioned will be drastically affected. The law enforcement manager should develop a semi-open door policy where any member of staff can drop by and communicate with the manager. However, in matters that need to be addressed utilizing the chain of command, those employees will need to be referred back to their respective chain of commands by the law enforcement manager. As in almost every aspect of civilization, to include effective law enforcement management, effective communication is of utmost importance.
“Politics, economic conditions, technology, best practices, and the...

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