Effective Schools Essay

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Effective Schools

According to our text, what are the characteristics of effective schools?

In the book Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, Kauchak and Eggen (2014) identified schools as social systems and wrote, “Social systems work effectively when their components work together to meet their goals” (p. 181). The components listed were the staff and faculty members of a school, the physical building of the school itself and surrounding areas, and the curriculum. The characteristics of an effective school such as its optimal size, good leadership, high collective efficacy in teachers, teachers involving students in learning activities and lessons, frequent assessment of students by teachers and continual feedback from teachers to students, safe and orderly environment, and positive parental and community involvement may all be grouped with these components. For instance, the staff and faculty members of a school include teachers and the leader. The physical building itself and its surroundings include the size of the school as well as the parents and community surrounding it. The two previous components can both be associated with a safe and orderly environment. Plus, the curriculum is related to interactive instruction and the monitoring of student progress.
In order to be an effective school, all school personnel must work together in a friendly, caring, polite, and respectful manner. There are a number of positions and employees in a school. “A school is a complex social system, and all the people in it contribute to making it run smoothly” (Kauchak & Eggen, 2014, p. 182). It’s important to acknowledge the contributions of all staff and faculty members. The principal, leader of the school is the most important of them all because he/she is in charge of running the entire school’s daily operations. In an effective school, the principal will care about student learning. He/she will focus on things like classroom management, instructional strategies, and the personal beliefs of a teacher on teaching and learning when hiring an educator. Other employees include people who assist the principal such as a vice principal. These individuals take on a variety of tasks. Some of the duties completed would be scheduling, filing students’ records, speaking with other administrators as well as parents, etc. There are also guidance counselors and school psychologists to show emotional support and help students maneuver their way through school while finding the right career path. There are nurses too. These associates administer medication and treat students on site. Furthermore, there are other staff members like secretaries, custodians, etc. Last but definitely not least, there’s no way to forget about the teachers! Kauchak and Eggen (2014) stated that, “The quality of a school is determined by the quality of its teachers” (p. 183). Teachers ultimately choose what to teach and how. They are in contact with the students more...

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