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"Wake up! Shake a leg! Top off the yardarm!" The men were moving about,
trying to get the sleep out of their eyes as they prepared to pull the
ship ashore. Allistor and Antonio were standing at the edge, tossing a
rowboat over the edge.

"It's incredible," Allistor breathed, taking in the stunning sight
before him. He honestly couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"And it's all ours. I've never seen anything like it," Antonio breathed,
staring at the beauty and grace of the new, never before seen land.

"It could look like Kirkland's knickers, for all I care," Dylan snipped,
coming up beside Antonio with a rope ladder, "just as long as I ge' off
this stinkin' boat." Antonio and Allistor ...view middle of the document...

His eyes were a
bright, shining blood red and were filled with wonder and curiosity. He
was one the palest men the boy had ever seen, he was much, much lighter
compared to his companions. Matthew's eyes widened and his heart beat
slightly faster as he stared at the man. Kumajiro grinned and looked up
at Matthew in excitement at the newcomers.

"Keep it taut, lads. Keep it taut!" Dylan called as they slowly pulled
the large ship in. They tugged on the ropes, trying not to mess up the
ship's pulling ashore. "Steady! Steady! Hold up! That's far enough."
They stopped pulling on the ropes, letting the ship come in the rest of
the way by itself. "All right, now. Tie her off," Allistor said,
loosening his hold slightly on the rope.

"Here, Gilbert, tie off this end," Antonio said, tossing the length of
rope behind him. He noticed it didn't pull tight and looked behind him.
"Gilbert? Gilbert?" He looked up and saw Gilbert scaling a tall tree.
Matthew also noticed and scrambled back towards the bushes behind him.
"What are you doing up there?" the Spaniard called.

"Getting a better look," he grunted loudly, hauling himself up into the
branches. He stood up straight in a break in the tree and looked out at
the land. Matthew suppressed a smile as he tilted his head to watch the
stranger through the protective barrier of bushes. Gilbert stared at the
sight before him, stunned. Mountains and hills and trees as far as the
eye could see. It was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen.

Kumajiro had been watching the entire thing with mild interest and
decided he wanted to see this person up close. He looked between Matthew
and the stranger, shrugged and trotted out from behind the protection of
the bushes. Matthew's bluish eyes went wide and he tried to grab the
bear, but he slipped right through his then fingers. Gilbird sped after
him, trying to hold him back by the fur on his short tail. He could only
hold him for so long however, and the fur slipped out of his beak and
the bear went tumbling forward in between the man's feet. Matthew gasped
softly, worried for his friend's safety.

"Hey!" Gilbert yelped, jumping slightly and snatching his knife out its
sheath. He looked down and his red eyes widened in surprise. "Vell.
You're a strange looking fellow," he said, sticking his knife carefully
in his boot. "Are you hungry? Here you go," he said, pulling out a
small, round, yellowish object from his satchel. "Ah, it's a biscuit.
It's food. Vell, sort of," he said, shrugging as the small bear sniffed
curiously at the food.

Kumajiro looked at him for a moment before snatching the biscuit and
munching on the crunchy treat. "You like it, ja? Vell, try eating it for
vier *(four)* monzs straight," he sighed, pulling another biscuit from
his bag. Kuma took it and looked behind him at Matthew, waving his item
and pointing victoriously. Gilbert looked up and tried peering through
the bushes. "You got a friend back zere?" he asked. Matthew's already
wide eyes,...

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