Empowerment Theory Within The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

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Ideas of community, social progress, and culture are an ever-evolving social work issue. How do we as social workers choose to approach needs of groups and communities at the macro level? In order to grasp an understanding of true helping systems it is important for one to have a range of knowledge to justly participate within the formal helping structures an models that comprise of the social work field. In attempt to create our identity as active justice based social workers it is essential for one to conceptualize the framework of intersectionality. According to Kirsten-Ashmen, “Intersectionality involves the idea that people are complex and can belong to multiple, overlapping diverse groups “The intersectional perspective acknowledge the breath of the human experience, instead of conceptualizing social relationships and identities separately in terms of either race or class or gender or age or sexual orientation”; rather an intersectional approach focuses on the “interactional affects” of belonging to multiple groups (p. 48).” In order to remain committed to intersectionality I will apply theories and models to a progressing community in the city of Boston. A critical analysis of the strengths and weakness within each theory related to the specific community will be discussed. I will expose the intersecting layers, allowing for identity development through the lens of the macro social worker. I will begin by discussing my experience through the research process with my team members. After giving a detailed description of the project we can further explore the empowerment theory and systems theory to better explain the development of Dudley Street. The two theories are able to give an understanding of Roxbury’s forward progression as well as challenges and limitations.

Community Exploration Experience
For the community exploration project in the Human Behavior and Social Environment class, group members (Michelle and Genesis) chose to research the Dudley Street neighborhood in Boston (Roxbury) Massachusetts. The community exploration assignment appeared to be the most involved piece of coursework. Because our HBSE II course is an intensive weekend course it was important to select my group partners as well as a community to study within the first couple weeks of starting class. After speaking with my two classmates (Genesis and Michelle) we agreed to be form a group and began brainstorming communities to study. We knew the community would need to be accessible to all group members. We thought about different areas in and around Boston, such as Randolph, Cambridge, Mattapan, Dorchester, and Roxbury. After discussing our options, we were able to agree on Roxbury and decided to narrow our parameters down to Dudley Square and Dudley Street within the Roxbury Neighborhood of Boston. We all agreed that, often, when one speaks about Roxbury many negative connotations follow in conversation. As group members we wanted to discover strengths...

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