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The epitome of a good life is indeed achievable, but more often than not, constant search for an even better life is always being pursued. This constant search leads to a vicious cycle of never achieving the good life, but with a strong mind and with the realization of an imperfect world, I believe a good life can be attained. At the same time, it would be impractical to say that the concept of a good life should and will always remain the same in a person’s life time. As one grows older, they become more knowledgeable, changing the way people think about life. With that being said, what I consider now as a good life is different from when I was a child, and it will certainly be different than my future self. I have no doubt that the concept will be within a reasonable vicinity of the original. My philosophy of having a good life is to be surrounded by people that truly matters in my life, such as a loving family, great friends, and co-workers in the professional life. While many people differentiate the personal good life from the social good life, I view them as one; where my personal good life is primarily based on the social good life.
In this paper, I will first elaborate on the necessity of achieving a good life and what it takes to be surrounded by great people in the social sense, with. Then, as a petroleum engineer, I will explore the professional requirements I seek in order to achieve this goal in the industrial world of engineering. As a follow up on these two characteristics, surrounding myself with a loving family and surrounding myself with ambitious co-workers. I will compare and contrast the characteristics of these ideas to society as a whole; in terms of social life and work life as a petroleum engineer. Possible relations or conflicts between the two characteristics will be identified and explained along with a global solution for resolution. In order to conclude my own philosophical outlook on engineering and the good life, I will portray this ideal life in terms of a summary on the statements I have introduced and expanded upon prior to that point.
Perception of a good life changes constantly throughout one’s lifetime. Starting as a child in a rather ordinary life raised in a family where money is scarce. It will be common for the child to develop an accusation; that is to achieve a good life, an abundance of wealth will be required. However, as a young adult graduating as a petroleum engineer, that belief is somewhat altered to a lesser importance. As one matures, we begin to realize just how sacred our lives are and should cherish every moment with loved ones because time is very limited. And having the opportunity to be surrounded by the unconditional love of your family and great friends, that’s what having a good life is all about. Your family will always be there for you no matter the circumstances, either good or bad. Your life, personalities, and actions, are all affected by the people you surround yourself with....

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