Enimies Of The Last Five Years

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Max's POV
My eyes opening to slits bright white light burning them a shooting pain as my bloodshot eyes watered ,unreal pain as if they were being clawed away,everything began to focus i noticed i was facing the dreded sun as it began to rise in the faded distance , agony shattered in my ribs , I tasted traces of bile as memory's of yesterday rose higher in mind...
For me it was just another normal day only for some reason it felt worse...I pushed off the ground stumbling uncontrollably my bones aching in protest, I staggered over to where my books had been previously scattered a few feet away as I repositioned my jacket.i clumsily shoved my useless school books into my dirt covered bag using all my strength as i croutched down.
now taking notice that it was darker than i thought i looked up to view the sky faded light in the distance casting a blue hue over head as it show through stormy blue clouds.. It looked fairly early before closing my bag i searched for my cheap cell phone i had bought with money earned from my shitty part time job at subway not like i really needed a phone its not like i actually have friends , once i reached the object in mind i scanned my eyes upon the screen seeing the time to be 5:07 am, as i put my phone away and stood up balancing my bag on my aching sholder i felt a chilling mist wet drops slowly began falling ... Great. Hell,I need a shower anyways besides there was something i found peaceful about rain most people would probably disagree on the fact but it was calming something about standing in a storm watching as lightning strikes down around you knowing at anymoment your life could end... while your on that thin line between life and death one wrong step and it could all be over...
returning from thought i noticed i was swaying mindlessly in the abandoned field I finally found some since of direction I sluggishly dragged my feet on the damp grass making way to the other half of my hell hole of a life ... home.I had plenty of time to waste being that school didn't start till 8:00.
I stepped in the shower hopeing there would be warm water as I didn't even know how my mother paid the bills ,I'm guess her drug induced friends
luckily there was I let the warm water wash over my bare body as it burned threw my open wounds I lathered soap on my bruised skin, some older bruises taking on a deep yellow color beginning to fade, others from yesterday reddish purple bright , the worst being on my jaw line, left side and another close to my temple a deep purple it hurt without even being touched.
I realized I'd taken longer then I thought, but I was sore and left only with one pace even with the pain killers I took which i had found in the kitchen..beside why rush getting to school just to repeat yesterday all over again tears stung my eyes at the thought of the more pain that would soon come...
" you God Damn BITTCH!"
"Just Take IT "
the words echoed in my mind PERFECT my own voices are against me... "ya...

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