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The main events of the story occur in Honduras and Mexico. Tegucigalpa, Honduras is where Enrique was born and raised by several family members. In Tegucigalpa, Enrique is shuffled from house to house simply because he is unable to control his emotions. This makes Enrique angry and he begins to rebel against the people he lives with. At the age of 17, Enrique decides to leave his family in Honduras and travel to the United States in hopes that he will reunite with his mother. His journey will take him through Chiapas, Mexico, the most hostile city at the point of his travel. In Chiapas, corrupt Mexican police officers and gangs stop migrants and order them to give up anything in their possession. Enrique was beaten and thrown off a train in Chiapas by gang members who raiding the train. After being thrown off of the train Enrique realizes that the journey is not going to be as easy as he dreamed it was. The second most hostile city of the trip, Oaxaca is where many migrants are deported. The people of Oaxaca have a very distinct way of speaking and behaving. In Oaxaca Enrique is kept on toes, wondering if he will be deported because of his awkward dress and dialect. The last important place in the story is Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Nuevo Laredo is last stop for immigrants travelling to the United States. From Nuevo Laredo immigrants will illegally enter Texas and begin their struggle for financial success in America. Enrique does finally enter Texas after being pushed on a boat from Nuevo Laredo. Once he entered Texas, Enrique takes a cab to North Carolina hoping to find his mother. Sonia Nazario begins the story by describing Enrique’s confusion as to why his mother has left him. He doesn’t understand that she can’t afford food and other basic necessities for him and his sister (Belky) to go to school. When his mother (Lourdes) gets sad and begins to regret her decision to leave, she remembers Enrique’s longing to go to school. Without a job, she can’t afford pencils and notebook paper for him to use. As he watches his mother walk out of the door, he cries and screams, begging for her to stay. Little does Enrique know that 12 years will past before he begins a journey to the United States, looking for his mother. In the story, Sonia Nazario details Enrique’s struggle in Honduras without his mother. At the age of 17, Enrique decided that he will no longer wait for his mother to come to him. Instead, he will travel atop trains from Honduras until the United States to find her. During this journey Enrique is beaten by gangs, harassed by INS agents, and tormented by hostile citizens of the countries he travels through. However, Enrique is also cared for and mentored by fellow migrants as well as kind neighbors who live along the railroad tracks. Once Enrique reaches his mother he is overjoyed and can’t believe that he took him over a year to find her. Despite his excitement to see his mother he rebels due to anger and frustration he has developed after...

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886 words - 4 pages . Work Cited Page Lazaro, Auj. Latinpost.com. N.p., 6 Dec. 2013. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. . Nazario, Sonia. Enrique's Journey. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2002 . N. pag. Print.