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Originating from a 1905 novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess was first released in the United States in 1995 (Barnes & Noble). Richard LaGravenese and Elizabeth Chandler created this classic screenplay. Alfonso Cuarón, winner of The New Generation award at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, directed this film (IMDb). Family drama and fantasy is the genre. The main character is Sarah Crewe, followed by sub-characters Captain Crewe, Miss Minchin, Ermengarde, Lavinia and Becky (IMDb). Sarah is an intelligent, polished, motherless, wealthy child living in India with her father, Captain Crewe. Captain Crewe toke Sarah to a Victorian style boarding school ...view middle of the document...

Sarah’s inspiration, perseverance, spirit and hope prevailed with all she encountered.
Sarah’s perseverance was through the social class change of riches to rags. Sarah was good tempered, charming, easy to love and compassionate. Although aware of her fortune, Sarah lacked the sense of entitlement, which was humbling. Humanity was demonstrated when she questioned why she could not speak to the servant girl. When the roles are reversed and Sarah became a servant, Miss Minchin’s actions give a clear picture of the stress and dehumanizing treatment Sarah endures. While coping with life’s psychological conflicts as a servant, Sarah remained optimistic and resilient while exhibiting integrity, endurance, loyalty and equality. Sarah earned respect of others when her character was challenged. She triumphed and gave hope to others.
The films does an excellent job capturing the theme of perseverance. Songs such as I am a Princess, Just Make Believe, and Compassion are used to deepen the emotional message from Sarah (Doyle). Racism is used to make Sarah’s adaptability evident. Sarah handled countless degrees of bullying with poise. To show the contrast from riches to rags, appropriate clothing and makeup was used to heighten the reaction and make it believable. The homeless family symbolized poverty and Sarah’s...

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