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“A mother’s job is the hardest unpaid job out there” this quote could be a quote that a stay at home mother uses when it comes to caring for her children. “I feel like I gave up everything to care for my children don’t get me wrong I love them but I feel like I lost myself” this is another quote that could come from a stay at home mother. The quotes mentioned above could be why Wendy Luhabe believes there should a salary for Mommy’s out there. Wendy Luhabe believes that moms should be given a salary for caring for their children.

The authors of our textbook state that that percentage of mothers who return to work within the year is slightly dropped from 59 percent (in 1998) to 57.3 % ...view middle of the document...

It has been stated before that some women have been forced to take time off from their careers in order to care for their children because their spouse demanded they do so. Wendy explains that moms who choose to stay home should be paid a salary of 10% of their husband’s earnings.

The book talks about second shift and it defines second shift as unpaid family work that amounts to an extra month of work each year. I believe this concept could defend Luhabe’s theory on why moms deserve a salary. Some moms said before that after getting off from work they feel like they go home to a second shift because they have to tend their house after working during the day. The book also talks about the leisure gap and the meaning of this is a woman giving up sleep and leisure activities to accomplish unpaid work. This is another concept that could defend Wendy’s concept. Women are giving up sleep and they have less free time unavailable to them unlike men.

My personal opinion of Luhable views are that I understand why she feels stay at home moms should get a salary because what they do is considered work. The tasks of cleaning the house, washing clothes, cooking dinner, taking the kids to and from activities can be seen as a job. It’s a job that nannies all over the world getting paid to do. The statement I am about to make might not make sense to some people but to some it will. Being a mother is considered a form of occupation in my opinion and outside of nanny’s there are also people who get paid to wash clothes for a living, cook meals and drive people around and some of them are not doing it out the goodness of their...

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