Family, Faith, And Education Values Are The Best Young's Best Chance For A Happy Life, And A Better World

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Too many issues today to fix in our society: war, economy, world warming, health benefits, and so on; in this stressful life there is no time to stop and think: What matter? Our children: our past, present and future; what is given to them is part of what the future will be. Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Children should inherit from their parents, values that guide and prepare them through every step of the life: the importance of the family is one; be part of it is like parts of the human body, each one is supporting each other. Then the importance of faith; anyone needs to believe in something spiritual, needs to feed the soul: the Bible, is a Christian book that has all the teaching necessary to survive in this life, for any situation ones may be. Nevertheless, education is also a value to be appreciated because is like a passport to the future. Family, faith, and education values are the young’s best chance for a happy life, and a better world.
Precisely, be member of a family is like parts of a body, they support and help each other. Build a strong relationship doing things together, not just fun stuff, like playing, watching a movie, but also prepare for dinner, do chores, or go to the church together, volunteer to help others, build respect for elderly, for sick, and for authority as well. Children will learn the sense of responsibility that will carries into adulthood, they will not need to be reminded to be on time for work or for meeting deadlines. They will be respectful not just in the family setting but also at school, at work, and everywhere they go. My dad used to say, “Teach the child when he is in young age, because when he is older it will be tougher to change life style”. Children like traditions, they like to learn how to bake from Grandma, they like having dinner together, and it makes them feel safe and confident. Also communication is important, when children can communicate openly in the family, the bond is strong, and if issues arise is good not to hold a grudge but to discuss and forget about it, because everybody makes mistakes. When I was living in my Dad’s house I found myself in need to talk to somebody, I was lost, and my brother it happened to be around and actually took the time to talk and encourage me. Parents should guide their kids until they are mature enough to make their own decisions, and at that time family should be a point of reference for them, to come back when things do not work out, or to spend special time together, making them feel welcome and that are belonging. Today children, especially teens relay on friendships, sleepovers, parties, and is fine if they are safe and regulated, but some teens may have different values and may put one child in a different direction, that he is used too.
Furthermore, strong faith foundation given to the child will help him during any situation he may be. If a parent or...

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