Feature Article On "Billy Elliot" Directed By Stephen Daldry.

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Decisions, decisions...From Coal Dust Into a Lake of SwansA year 12 student, examines various worlds of Billy Elliot.All in all, we all have to make decisions. They are either straightforward or challenging. One of my hardest decisions was coming to Australia. As a child I remember my grandmother telling me stories. Even though I was little, I listened to them and understood them. They took me to a completely different world. It was always my childhood escape. I still remember all the stories, which still inspire me to make those choices I made meaningful.Every society has different views on whether or not children are allowed to make decisions by themselves. Billy Elliot is drifting between a variety of worlds. He lived in a world where his future was decided for him. Like his father and an older brother, he was growing up to become a coalminer, just as everyone in his hometown, Everington. This world is a bit mature for an 11 year old boy, but it expresses Billy responsibility. This world initiates the audience to empathise with protagonist, and I, as an audience, keep living through the struggles of his dancing world.Stephen Daldry has created an excellent film representing our elective "Into The World". The director clearly highlights different paths, decisions and choices that are available in the changing worlds. One of the most challenging decisions that Billy had to make - is to choose between ballet and his 'chosen path'. Billy chooses ballet. He sees the work that the coal miners do and he understands that its hard. In the opening scene there is a close up of trembling hands as the carefully place a record on an old-fashioned turntable. This establishing shot offers a recruiting motif of dance and music. The camera pulls back and reveals glimpses of a young Billy bouncing in the air. The "Cosmic Dancer" song by T Rex foreshadows what is to unfold - it's a story about a passion for dancing. The song helps the responder follow Billy entering the different worlds. The Clash song "A Town Like Malice" is ironic and represents a major argument between Mrs Wilkinson and Tony. It's only through this study that I reflect on the songs from my personal life and the soundtracks from my childhood. Does anyone still remember Britney Spears songs?As audience we all empathise with Billy's aggravating 'quest'. Lighting is used in this film as a symbol. Many interior shots are mostly dark and convey negativity and unhappiness in Billy's home. The dance room on the other hand is consciously bright which...

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