Feild Research And Analysis

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Field Research and Analysis:
In this quality of life research, I expected to gather more information and knowledge about animal testing. I also wanted to know how much the public knew about this topic. Before I began my field research, I expected that few people knew the true tortures of animal testing. Majority of the public didn’t know how many and what types of animals were being tested on, on a yearly basis in the United States. However, I expected to raise awareness and educate even myself about this issue. I managed to gather more information through interviews, observations, and a questionnaire.
I used all three aspects, survey, observations, and interviews, of field research. I ...view middle of the document...

Having these thoughts led to further comprehension about this topic.
The people involved in the survey were people of all sorts. The general population was involved in this questionnaire. There were people ranging from ten years old to sixty and above, male and female, and education between lower than high school to PhD. This helped me figure out the beliefs and thoughts of all types of people. These hundred surveys were then handed out to peers, family members, and others around my environment. In the observations I studied, I looked at what animals were tested and the conditions they were tested in. In addition to what the tests consist of. The populations in the videos were mostly the animals. In addition, there were people who were probing them and those who were recording and/ or asking questions. The interview consisted of two workers from Alliance for Animals and Environment, which is an organization that deals with animal issues and rights. One worker was an Executive Director named Alexa McCormack and a Software & Applications Engineer named Gina Stuessy. Furthermore, I interviewed a doctor form Staten Island University Hospital named Marcel Odaimi.
I concluded many results in my research. In my observations, I concluded that the animals are treated very poorly with very few living space and affection. They are secluded and they constantly look frightened. I saw the environment that all the animals were kept in and the environments that the people conducted the tests were in. In my interview, I found that those who worked for the Alliance for Animals and Environment were against animal testing in all aspects. However, Gina Stuessy believed that animal testing is okay if the animals are voluntarily involved in the tests and are rewarded through treats. An example of this is seeing if a dog has the possibility to drive a car. They don’t force the dog to do anything, but if it does, it gets rewarded. I also found that Alexa McCormack feels as though graphic images don’t work to persuade people’s minds about animal testing because they would only look away. However, Gina Stuessy feels as though the images help the public truly see what...

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