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I am Yasir Zaidan Abdu, I am applying for the MPP program in HKS this year. My plans are confined in the field of Nation’s strategic planning. Especially, In Sudan, my country, people have suffered many complex problems since the declaration of its independence. Moreover, occupying the third place among the most corrupted countries in the world¹, poor practicing of democracy, 46.5% of population are poor ², civil wars (Southern Sudan and Darfur) and lack of security are the main challenges of Sudan. After a profound analysis of the situation in Sudan I came to a conclusion that there is no clear vision for the state, and the awareness for strategic planning is low among our current ...view middle of the document...

Also, I did not regret my previous studies because engineering was very useful for me as it enhanced my analytical and quantitative thinking.
Two years ago I founded the Strategic Club, a center aiming to spread awareness towards strategic thinking among youth expected leaders. Together with my colleges, we established the first training course which attracted about 600 applicants, only 20 participants were selected, the selection criteria was very tough in order to ensure the leadership abilities of the applicants. Also, we are now working to organize a training course for Sudanese youth about national dialogue basics and elements which will be conducted by The United States Institute of Peace.
Nevertheless, our future strategy is to expand this center to be more regional, making use of the strategic location of Sudan that links Africa to the Middle East. Also, I hope this center will be supervised by international famous institutes to maintain a wide spread of knowledge and skills especially for those who are unable to seek them abroad.
Personally, in 5 years I hope I will be one of the effective members at the Supreme Council for Strategic Planning. So, a master in public policy is the first step towards that position. Certainly, I believe that development is a big dream and I am determined to make it come true. Hence, to be a part of the solution you must start with yourself and this couldn’t be done unless you seize the required knowledge and skills. A combination of concepts, theories and skills through politics, economics, management, leadership and...

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