Fictional Novels And Historical Information Essay

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A fictional novel can serve as a useful source for historical information if it the right one. It just depends on the novel and the author who has written it. Also, it makes a difference if the author actually had experience with what they have written about. All Quit on the Western Front, for example, can be used to show the troubles of War World I. The author Erich Maria Remarque himself had been in the war. Nevertheless, there is one negative thing about using nonfiction. For example, a person would still have to do research. A nonfictional novel could be used for historial information depending on the author and their experiences, and if the author has used factual information; however, extra research is still needed.
All quit on the western Front is centered in Germany during world war I. World War I had started in 1914 and ended in 1918. The rivalries that were going on between the European nations are one of the reasons War World I had started. According to the authors Dennis Sherman and Joyce Salisbury in the book The West in the World they state, “The outburst of the imperialism in the decades before 1914 pitted these rivals against one another in a race to acquire colonies and expand their arenas of influence against the world” (692). The assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the main thing that had caused the War. This had led the other European nations into war with one another. According to Martin H. Levinson in the article “Mapping the Causes of World War I to Avoid Armageddon Today” he states “The precipitating event for World War I was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, on June 28, 1914.”
The author and their experiences with what they have written about makes a big difference on whether or not a nonfiction book can be used for historical information. The author Erich Maria Remarque and his novel All Quit on the Western Front is a good illustration of this. For example, Remarque had been in the War World I. According to John Whiteclay Champers II in the article “`All Quiet on the Western Front' (1930): The antiwar film and the image of the First World War” he states, “Remarque's military service has been the subject of enormous interest. He entered the army at eighteen with his classmates in November 1916, underwent basic and advanced recruit training and was sent to the Western Front with the Second Guards Reserve Division in June 1917.” He knew from personal experience what went on, so it helped him with his characters. For instance, there are parts where the character Paul talks about how the soldiers feel. “The moment that the first shells whistle over and the air is rent with explosions there is a sudden denly in our veins, in our hands, in our eyes a tense waiting, a watching, a heightening alertness, a strange sharpening of senses. The body with one bound is in full readiness” ( Remarque, 54). It is clear from this part that Remarque had some experience in the war. Remarque had also...

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