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While relaxing comfortably after a day of school by playing chess with my brother, my father asked me to accompany him to see a new client.
The client told my father that he wanted a new addition to his home since his two sons wanted to have separate rooms. I stood there earnestly listening while my father explained to him how he was going to accomplish that and even sketched out how the house would look afterward. The client was impressed and told my father that he should start immediately with the project.
At home, my father asked me whether I wanted to see him at work on his new project and after agreeing enthusiastically, he got right to work teaching me his approach for the design he would present to the architect. I will always remember the moment when I finally saw the addition finished that my father and I had worked on. It was a remarkable feeling because I saw a concept that was on paper come to life.
Since middle school, I have been focused on going to a college that will successfully prepare me for a career in engineering. I have known that I wanted to pursue engineering ever since the moment my father introduced me to the world of architecture and engineering. Since he is a home improvement contractor, he was able to teach me about blueprints of previous homes that he had renovated. My father helped me comprehend the various pages of blueprints and later allowed me to help him out in designing a new addition for a client. But before I came to middle school, I lived in Newark.
I lived in a poor neighborhood in Newark, NJ but my father wanted a better life for my family so he worked indefatigably to get us someplace where robbery and assault were not as big of a problem. Although I did not get to spend time with my dad as much as my friends did, I knew he was working hard in order to provide my family with an opportunity for a better life and education. My parents have always stressed how education is important and that this was the way my brother and I would make a life for ourselves. I understood from a young age that if I did...

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