Friends Or Foes Through Rhetorical Strategies

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In 2006, a Canadian company called Augusta resource Corporation proposed an initial plan of developing a copper mine in southeast of Arizona. The controversy started after the company submitted their proposal, the opponents of this plan were mainly Arizona locals, which they believe that this copper mine will affect the local tourism and bring permanent damage to the environment. Therefore, the company Augusta Resource Corporation created this Facebook video demonstrates how this project is going to bring benefits to the locals and stimulates the overall economy while keep the environmental damage as a minimal. This video gives a comprehensive overview of how industrialization has shaped ...view middle of the document...

This video demonstrates how this mine is going to affect everyone in the southern Arizona from several perspectives and how is it a milestone for restoring the economy of Arizona that is currently decreasing. The main arguments between the two sides are the environmental concerns as well as the economic concerns.
In the first part of the video, the author used ethos in order to build strong credibility, and gain trust from the audiences. In the video, author introduced several examples of how industrialization has shaped our economy and how projects like this can bring impact to our society. The video listed several industrialized projects such as national highways, dams, and energy plants along with other famous projects that have shaped our society; all these projects create a huge number of jobs and opportunities. The author tries to build trust and reputation from the beginning of the video by bringing up the level of this project to those influential projects that people have accepted. This strategy is particularly effective because people trust projects such as National highways and Hoover dam; because firstly, they have built their reputation over time, secondly, they have brought benefits that are undeniable. Therefore, the author tries to imply that Rosemont Copper mine can also be as beneficial as these historical projects. Although the author did not mention the benefits directly, this is important for the overall credibility of this video. By setting up its reputation in the beginning of the video, the statistics author provides later on will be more reasonable and less doubtful, also, it is important to gain trust from people who have the same interest.
As the video moves on, the author introduced several famous organizations such as NEPA and Mined America, the use of ethos successfully boost the company’s credibility since these organizations are well known. The video mentioned EIS as the highest environmental review of NEPA and it takes more than five years to review the project, also, the video mentioned that Rosemont Copper received rewards from Mined American thirteen months after the EIS review. In general, people tend to trust official organizations and opinions from other people instead the author’s own opinions, because reputation is not based on how you think about yourself, but rather, what others comment about you. Thus, the author focuses on the opinions and reviews from these official organizations instead of their own commengts, furthermore, the videos specifically stated that Rosemont Copper received the Shovel Ready Award thirteen month after the EIS review. Because the EIS review is the highest environmental review and the process is extremely strict, this award is particularly important and is a proof that this mining project is environmental friendly which is defined by the officials. In addition, the author also mentioned that EIS is a five year review process which is longer than most other countries; this...

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