Gender Biased In Medicine Essay

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Since the beginning of evolution, females have been subjected and objectified based on their gender. History taught us that when during the 19th century, Charles Darwin, an English naturalist and geologist stated in his papers “The Origin of Man” (1859) and “Descent of Man” (1871) that men were superior to women. Unfortunately, such subjections to women still persist today; in politics, education, labor and surprisingly in science.
Science supposed to be unbiased in disregard of gender. Scientist supposed to back the truth through fair and honest experiments without bias or sexual preference but history had taught us that even in science, women are perpetuated and “used” for their own patriarchal gain. In the paper “The Evolutionary Origins of Patriarchy” by Barbara Smuts, Smuts talks about evolutionary basis of male motivation to control female sexuality. Evolutionary psychology has its roots in Charles Darwin theory of Natural Selection-“Through natural selection, [Darwin] explained, men had become superior to woman in courage, energy, intellect and inventive genius and thus would inevitably excel in art, science and philosophy” (The Female Malady, p.122). Such publications not only gave burst to the male society (patriarchal) but gave them more reasons to perpetuate inequality. This is also corroborated by another journal, in the paper “The Origins of Sex Differences in Human Behavior” by Alice H. Eagly and Wendy Wood, which they conclude by saying that evolutionary psychology is the origin theory of sex differences while social structural theory is the origin theory of sex differences and cross-cultural evidence for sex differences in mate preference. Their paper not only illustrates the influence evolutionary psychology had on society in the past but how such influence affected society in their way of regarding women. Women and men are biologically different: while women incubate [produce eggs; one per month], men inseminate [produce sperms; thousands per month] and such differences are what makes them what they are. Although females are biologically different than males, that does not imply superiority over one another. Stereotypes between females and males during the 19th century made females appear inferior even when they were not. According to the paper “Battle of the Sexes” by Richard Dawkins, evolutionary psychologists lived in the premise that human beings have primitive sexual roles even though we live in a technological society. Evolutionary psychologists created stereotypes which socially, made male superior and female inferior. Stereotypes in females included: maternal, submissive, sexually objectified and nurturing while male: aggressive, practical, promiscuous and emotionally distant. All these biologically differences in males and females were also illustrated in the paper “Sex, Sex...

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