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The millennials. The important. The instant gratification youth. The “it’s my money and I want it now” baby boomers kids. How does one describe how a generation is born and raised without sources? Easy, go into detail what life changing events have shaped the world that we live in. First their was the Internet. Second, there were cell phones in kids hands. Lastly is instant gratification. Combine all three of those and you have a recipe for a generation out for their own.
The good old internet. The world wide web. It has been in the millennials home since they were born. Beginning with the annoying 1 minute modem sounds that they endured to the always on instant access broadband speed ...view middle of the document...

With that kind of “power” why wouldn’t you scream “It’s my money and I want it now!”?
When cellphones were brought out of R&D everyone wanted one because who would want to run to a pay phone and make a phone call? Before cell phones existed you likely had a pager that people would call to “page” you information coded as numbers. 911 was an emergency and it usually was followed by a phone number to call for more info. 143 was a simple message you sent to a loved one. Which is great, but what if you wanted to talk to someone when you were stranded on the side of the road? You couldn't send a page from it so you were hosed. With everyone having cell phones the idea is that no one is unreachable. Doctors, businessmen/women and the likes were among the first to get them. It then trickled down to the millennials. parents would get them for the kids so that they would have a way of contacting them when they were at work. Eventually more kids got them and then they would spend hours talking to their best friends and not tie up the house phone. When the cell phones received updates for texting they would no longer call their friends but text them. Teenagers would have them in classes and send texts to their friends about what they were thinking. No longer were they stranded to pass notes with the hopes that someone who the message was not intended for received it. They even received another update to be able to surf the internet from their phone. Again, no longer tied to the house to receive the latest information, they would be able to search for it on their phone wirelessly. The millennials didn't’ have a reason to come home before it got dark because they were always a phone call away from their location for their parents. They had the freedom that their...

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