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George Cooper Stevens was born in Oakland California on December 18, 1904. His parents were Landers Stevens and Georgia Cooper who at the time had their own theatrical company called Ye Liberty Playhouse based out of Oakland. In 1922 his parents decided to make a change and move their family to Glendale California, leaving behind their company of live theater to find work in the movie industry. After moving, his parents were able to find little parts in low budget films getting their feet wet in the movie industry. George was inspired at a young age and growing up in a family where theater was there lively hood he left behind his education to pursue a career in film. George at age 17 got a ...view middle of the document...

I can’t think of coming and contributing something anywhere along the line other than the very start… The ‘auteur’ concept is certainly the most desirable form of filmmaking, from my point of view.” (Cronin, 2005) It was this ‘auteur’ way he went about the films and creating reoccurring themes and motifs that made the films so successful. Steven’s personal technique to making his films so successful was the time he spent on pre-production. While his film Shane was still in pre-production he hired a technical advisor who gave him tips on everything from the way the actors dressed to the types of food they ate. George Stevens was very passionate about the films he made and he said “I believe that if you make a film properly today, it’ll be watched by people in fifty years time,” (Cronin, 2005)
George Stevens was in my opinion a natural in the film industry and he had an eye for the things that most people didn’t. I believe this is why is films are so unique and how he structured them in a way that would captivate the viewers. In his film Shane I learned that he spent weeks in pre-production and taking everything into account from the way the actors looked to the types of food and drinks they had in that era of the film. He hired outside advisors to give him...

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