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It all started when Hitler ordered Germany to start rebuilding its army shortly after he came to power. The rearming of Germany began in 1933 and started going fast in 1936 as a part of Hitler plan to start a war. He restores most of the things and set them back right. His basic plan was to after his army is ready to annex central Europe and create a German empire. Germany started its invading by moving into the Rhineland and occupying it in 1936. In 1938 the German army invaded Austria and in 1939, Czechoslovakia. This is how they started and slowly invading countries to build a German empire. Other countries were worried mostly European but there was no war yet so nothing could have ...view middle of the document...

Hitler’s closest associates, knowing of the agreement, had tried to dissuade him from provoking a war against the Allies by invading Poland, but Hitler refused to listen to them.” After Hitler not listening and invading Poland, Britain and France was threatened and could not let Germany control Eastern Europe so they launched a war on Germany right after they invaded Poland. Later Hitler realized that he had made a mistake by not listening to his associates.
To block Hitler France and Britain came together and allied to protect Poland’s security and independence. Britain and France also stepped up “diplomatic engagement with the Soviet Union” they were trying to get closer with them so Hitler would have a problem going through Joseph Stalin I he invaded Poland. “In May, Germany and Italy signed a major treaty of alliance.” Now Hitler felt like he needed to extend his arm to Soviet Union and be allied with them if he was going to invade Poland. So Hitler and Soviet Union allied under a non-aggression pact.
As Germany and Soviet Union came to an understanding they signed the non-aggression pact which was “dated August 23 and was signed by Ribbentrop and Molotov in the presence of Stalin, in Moscow.” The terms they signed on was “the two countries agreed not to attack each other, either independently or in conjunction with other powers; not to support any third power that might attack the other party to the pact; to remain in consultation with each other upon questions touching their common interests; not to join any group of powers directly or indirectly threatening one of the two parties; to solve all differences between the two by negotiation or arbitration.” This meant that they cannot harm each other in any way and have to be allied till 10 years and have to support each other. This pact mainly benefited Hitler cause now he had an ally and didn’t have to worry about soviet union going to war on Germany and now he can focus on invading Poland which would benefit both Hitler and soviet union but on the other hand they would have to face Britain and France.
When Germany invaded Poland the news was all around the world and it was the head line in every country including the U.S and the new York time reported the whole event and it was the front page the heading saying “German Army Attacks Poland; Cities Bombed, Port Blockaded; Danzig Is Accepted Into Reich.” The article reports that “Berlin, Friday, Sept. 1--Charging that Germany had been attacked, Chancellor Hitler at 5:11 o'clock this morning issued a proclamation to the army declaring that from now on force will be met with force and calling...

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