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The story to give a boy a gun is about a group of four kids who are bullied throughout school for being weird, strange and even for being new. Out of the group there are two individuals who have been tormented to their breaking point. Brendan and Gary who have been best friends since they meet in middle school were done with this life; they couldn’t handle the everyday torture. As the story goes in the bullying becomes worse to the point where these two purchase weapons and learn how to create and detonate bombs. At this point they feel as if revenge and killing their tormentors is the only way to escape this life. The main part of the story happens at the Middletown high school dance where it just so happens that all of their bullies happen to be. As the dance goes on Brendan and Gary enter the gym with trench coats on fully armed. They tie the students and some faculty up and lay them down in the gym. While inside the police arrive but the gym doors have been rigged to blow up if they are opened. As they try to negotiate with them Brendan goes off and shoots a teacher in the arm and the quarterback in both knees. As the holdup continues Gary has a change of heart and doesn’t want to go through with it but Brendan won’t let him quit so Gary puts a bullet in his own head. As their plan unravels in front of Brendan one of the students breaks free and tackles Brendan. Then all the students are able to cut free and six of them begin to beat the life out of Brendan and place him in a coma which he never fully comes out of. School resumes but nobody can believe what occurred that night, some students forgive Brendan and Gary because of what they went through but others have no sympathy.
The way this story is told portrays the ethical decisions we all face in everyday life. The characters all have their own ethical values that are shown by the way they act and the way they talk. The incidents that occur have ethical parts in them but not as much as the characters. First we have Brendan who is the boy who was bullied his whole life. He is ethical relativists because he does not believe in a universal ethic code. He is bullied every...

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