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When I was told to answer the question, "What is the notion of Christianity," I immediately asked myself, "What is Christianity?" By its very definition, Christianity is "the ethical, historical, universal, monotheistic, redemptive religion, in which the relation of God and man is mediated by the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ." Although this is true and cannot be disputed, I have never viewed Christianity in these terms. For me Christianity has been a way of life.As a baby, I was baptized into the Roman Catholic religion, which is a denomination of Christianity. From this moment, I have been taught and come to believe that Christianity, or religion of any kind, is a way in which people can understand and communicate with God in an enhanced fashion. Religion is a way for human beings to give thanks to God for the wondrous deeds he has bestowed upon us, and a place to look for guidance and help when we feel alone.Last fall, I was sitting in a large auditorium at Fordham University listening to the dean of the business school tell me and many other students the benefits of studying accounting. I did not know anyone in the room, and to make matters worse I had just begun attending Alcoholic Anonymous meetings seventeen days prior to this experience. To be perfectly honest, I cannot recall the exact thoughts that were racing through my mind, but I remember feeling far worse than I ever had felt before. I felt alone and was asking myself, "Why did this have to happen to me?" I was supposed to be in Massachusetts attending freshman orientation at Boston College; instead I was forced to live at home, attend A.A. meetings, and take classes in the South Bronx. At that moment, I stood up and began exiting the auditorium. I could not take it anymore. I was upset, confused, and alone; I did not know where to turn.That night I decided to go to an A.A. meeting. It was at this meeting that I felt the divine presence of God. I decided that I needed to speak with someone who understood the dilemmas and hardships I was confronting. For some unknown reason I felt the urge to raise my hand and share my feelings with a room full of people I had never laid eyes upon. I informed them every aspect of my life that was in complete disarray and how I had no clue how to repair and rebuild it. At the end of my speech, a man by the name of Dan tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "Pat do you need a sponsor?" "God heard me," I thought. He knew how badly I needed a helping hand and an ear to talk to. I firmly believe that God was working through Dan and giving me the support I needed to quit drinking and start turning my life around. This is what I have always believed Christianity to be.Christianity has always been a guide and a basis for my life. It has been an outlet and a place to turn...

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