Great Speeches From History: Ellen Page

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On the 14 February 2014, Ellen Page a nominated Oscar actress came out as gay in a speech that can be recognised as one of the most famous and well known speeches of current times and history. In this essay I will explain how Page’s fame profile and leading influence in the film industry and the world, her vocabulary and language applied in her speech, the deliverance and presentation of the speech and the topic of discrimination amongst the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LBGT) itself contributes to the overall popularity of the speech. It is combinations of the speaker and the words that create memorable speech.
Ellen Page started acting in large movie roles at a young age, causing her to become one of the film’s industries big names. The nominated Oscar movie star has appeared in movies such as Juno, Inception and this year’s upcoming motion picture X Men: Days of Future Past. At only the young age of twenty seven, talking at Human’s Right Campaign Foundation’s Time to THRIVE conference, she publicly halfway through her speech came out as gay. Not only surprising the entire globe she also stood up and passionately supported the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. “It’s weird because here I am, an actress, representing at least in some sense an industry that places crushing standards on all of us-and not just young people ,everyone.”(Page, E 2014) Openly speaking about her industry and herself as an actress as regards to the large influence and sense of power she has, she displays a sense of responsibility to speak up. In that particular section of her speech, admitting that the film industry has standards for ‘all of us’ she involves everyone into her speech. Not only Ellen’s famous profile added to her memorable speech, it was also due to her choice of words and vocabulary that swayed audience members, in addition the globe to be remarked for her unforgettable speech.
During Ellen’s speech she applied modern day examples that were easily grasped and significant to the current generation. Listing popular gay celebrities in different industries, she focused on the courage that these people had especially due to the amount of discrimination the LGBT community get. “There are too many kids out there suffering from bullying, rejection, or simply being mistreated because of who they are. Too many dropouts. Too much abuse. Too many homeless. Too many suicides. You can change that, and you are changing it. But you never needed me to tell you that, and that’s why this was a little bit weird.” (Page, E 2014) This section of her speech she spoke with devotion, passion and the need for a sense of justice. The use of repetition and ‘you’ draws attention to everyone who is watching her. Beginning her speech with a small comment on how she felt weird only to later to explain that it was due to people being able to change how the LGBT community is affected without her needing her to be on stage and telling that. Despite...

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