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Gulf War Syndrome is a sickness which came over soldiers who were deployed in the Persian Gulf during the gulf war and for some years after. There are a multitude of symptoms which make up GWS, which is why many veterans were and still are improperly diagnosed. Another problem that veterans face even now, some twenty years after the war, is that some do not qualify this as a legitimate disease. Although over 200,000 soldiers have shown the same symptoms, many disregard the existence due to the mostly generic symptoms. Some of these include diarrhea, muscle aches and joint pains. The problem with the disregard of GWS is that it can also lead to terminal tumors and neurological problems. So ...view middle of the document...

; Thomas A. Sellers (2004). Epidemiology for Public Health Practice). Mustard gas is a compound, referred to as sulfur mustards that do a great deal of damage to the human body. This is what Saddam Hussein used on the civilian Kurds when trying to commit genocide. During the gulf war, many countries did scans to detect for chemical agents used in warfare and according to the Riegle report; there were over 18000 different times the chemical alarms had gone off (Riegle, D. W.). After the air war had begun in January of 1991, soldiers were exposed to low, non-lethal doses of chemical agents, mainly from direct Iraqi attack. Most of the attacks were from via missiles, rockets, artillery, or aircraft munitions. Many of the largest doses were received due to fallout from allied bombings of Iraqi chemical warfare munitions facilities (Wikipedia).
There are a multitude of reasons that GWS is prevalent in gulf war veterans, but there are some reasons that had to have been ruled out in the process of trying to find the real cause of this affliction. After all, you cannot accept everything you “think” could be a...

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Gulf War Syndrome Essay

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1089 words - 4 pages blamed for collaborating with the Iraqis. Also, thousands of American soldiers developed, what was called, Gulf War Syndrome because the cause of illness was unexplained. Gulf War Syndrome included symptoms suck as insomnia, headaches, blurred vision, aching joints, short-term memory loss, rashes and abdominal pain. Some people thought the soldiers might have been exposed to chemical or biological weapons, but that was never proven.Iraq continued to

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